"...A third of the country’s topsoil has eroded in the past 50 years, ..."


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America’s soil health is in dire straits and a new investment fund, rePlant Capital, has been formed to help clove the crisis with capitalism by tying interest rates for farm loans to improvements in soil’s carbon and water storage as a way to save farmers from the disastrous impacts of climate change.

A third of the country’s topsoil has eroded in the past 50 years, part of a warning from the United Nations in 2015 that predicts soil degradation will be one of the central threats to human health in the coming decades. Farmers are seeking to regenerate soil after decades of misuse from chemical fertilizers and herbicides, but transitioning to less harsh farming practices is costly, and nature cannot solve the problem according to human timeline, requiring 500 years or more to create an inch of fresh topsoil under natural conditions.

When the jew bankers start to take notice, you might want to look into it.

Where will your food come from?
It will be more poisonous shit and soylent green.

You will notice Kellogg's https://www.bakeryandsnacks.com/Art...e-soil-runoff-in-Michigan-s-largest-watershed and a few others are leaning towards alt ag and no glysophates in thier products.

All our health concerns are from tainted foods and tainted dna altering vaccines.

Once you pollute the terrain everything else suffers in a cascade of shit.

Right now fires(inflammation) are raging across the entire west, these are manifestations of unhealthy, Unsafe practices years long in the making.
Arsonists are merely the "virus" that has caused the inflammation.

What you buy for food matters, grow your own , buy local organics, demand no phactory inputs in your food.

Bon appetit


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When do we escape to the outer planets of other solar systems and live the frontier space cowboy lifestyle again ? Guess I'll just be shovelling arid dirt.