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Last week, I posted an mp3 of someone named “Andrew Anglin” singing some faggoty hipster song as if I had recorded the song.

I assumed most people would know it was not actually me singing, and would have a laugh at it. I thought maybe some people would think it was me, and end up reporting it as though it was me, which would maybe lead to some funny situation, where a guy with the same name as me was forced to denounce me.

Instead, I got a bunch of people saying that they had bought the song and a guy I know in real life texting me telling me how good he thought it was.

This situation is undeniably funny, but not for the reasons I intended. It was actually funny for how stupid it made me look. Seriously, who was I even trolling? Myself?

Apparently, I just have an unrelenting impulse to mess around with people.

That impulse has resulted in some funny stuff in the past, as well as some stuff that was funny for others but not funny for me in the long run. But at this point, it is an impulse that I need to suppress, at least for the most part.

I started this website to make jokes. Sure, I had ideas I was pushing, but I felt the best way to push those ideas would be through humor, and so I said that the site was working as long as I was having fun.

However, what has happened is that while I have been pushing these ideas in a humorous way, no one has been pushing them in a serious way, so there is no serious promotion of these ideas, other than by me in between jokes. What I am seeing now is that things are so dire that there is a need for a largely serious presentation by me, given that I have found myself as the only adult in the alternative media room. With this new world order coming into view, it is the duty of this website to prioritize information over humor.

I don’t plan on cutting out all humor, but I do think that factual information should come first, and humorous antics which might discredit that presentation in the mind of the masses of people need to be skipped in favor of maintaining authoritativeness.

The coronavirus hoax is the biggest thing that has happened in any of our lives, and it is going to fundamentally change the entirety of society. Aside from Elon Musk, Tucker Carlson and a few others, I am the single person discussing this issue in realistic and accurate terms. Given this present dynamic, I have no reason to believe that in the future, things are going to be much different. I think that I am largely going to remain one of the only people covering the new society with accuracy.

Given this, I’ve found myself in a place of responsibility to the people. The racist stuff is no longer all that important when you’ve got a government that is literally imprisoning people in their homes after having stripped all their basic rights from them and is sending thug cops to attack people in public.

They’re attacking women in in front of their children in a way that is nigh cartoonish.

And yet, Fox News, Breitbart and the rest of the Republican news sites are largely enforcing the hoax. Others in the former “Alt-Right” are even worse, going completely insane promoting the hoax.

I will give credit to Alex Jones, for doing a basically solid job of covering the hoax (while speaking a little bit too much about China). Jones is the single person that is on my level with regards to coronavirus hoax coverage.

That said, though his show is okay, the infowars.com website is still influenced by Paul Joseph Watson, who has been pushing for all of these different wars with everyone, and will no doubt use that platform to promote wars with Iran, China, etc. in the future as these conflicts begin to loom.

The website nationalfile.com should get a mention as well. Though they are not really focusing on the hoax, they are covering a lot of the side issues with relation to the infringement on people’s freedoms.

On the whole, I’m the only person who is giving a clear view of this situation. I hope others get on board.

This site will be a source for anyone who wants to know the truth about what the government is doing, starting with this coronavirus hoax and then following everything that comes after that, from these vaccines to the ID cards to the one world government agenda, and it will be a site that you can link to your friends and family without being scared that they’re going to be put-off by the other content on the site. I’m cutting out racial slurs. Not because I want to, but because I don’t have any choice. No one else is stepping up to confront this hoax, so I have to become a universal anti-hoax, pro-freedom website, which is friendly for the whole family.

I’ll still talk about Jews and immigrants and so on, but it’s going to be in a way that doesn’t immediately trigger people. If people want to use 2017 stale memes on me and call me a cuck, well, I think you’re a cuck for prioritizing edginess over direct confrontation of the struggle of our age, which is this coronavirus hoax and new society they are building on the back of it. What I see right now is a lot of people hiding behind old memes in order to fuel their own denial of the fact that we are now in a completely new reality and nothing of the old reality is coming back. The coronavirus hoax is not going away, and we are never going back to normal. This is the new normal and it is about to get a whole lot worse.

To be honest, as a creative, this racist humor thing has gotten very monotonous and boring for me. I feel like I’m just making the same jokes over and over again, and that they are less funny every time I make them. The only funny racist joke in the last however long I can remember is “Jogger-American,” and that would be something I would consider within the bounds of appropriateness in the future.

By the end of the week, I will have removed the Race War and Jewish Problem sections of this site, and any articles after that will not use racial slurs or other inflammatory language. Of course, though it should go without saying: under free speech rules, everyone will still be allowed to say whatever they want on the Gamer Uprising forum, which is not directly linked to this site.

For me, this new quest is more exciting than it is sad to end an era. As I say, I’ve been getting pretty bored with the racist stuff, and I am in need of invigoration, so necessity and desire are overlapping brilliantly.

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I really disagree with removing Jewish and racial stuff altogether. I think that the Jews are the principle force driving this entire coronavirus hoax and, if people aren't taught to be skeptical of Jews, they'll continue to be lead to slaughter:

But overall, there's absolutely no arguing that ZOG's /CVG/ is the biggest event in the history of modern civilization - I think surpassing WW2, now - and there are precious few people exposing it. In addition to DS, here are some other great sources who've been predominantly focused on it:

>Corbett Report: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7TvL4GlQyMBLlUsTrN_C4Q
>Amazing Polly: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJkOZZrGNEJYDhzVwd24Bfg
>Roosh V (his initial video remains the definitive exploration, IMO): https://www.youtube.com/user/roosh4
>RamzPaul: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIibK0GTXCaQCAamJAepm1g

Personally, I'm deeply grateful to all of you skeptics, especially now that AA has set up GamerUprising. I remember when Anglin featured his first, "It's just the Flu" article, and Henrik of Red Ice started speaking out against it, it was personally so cathartic because I'd been devastated by the dissident right's other responses.

I hope that everybody considers setting aside 90 minutes to watched the new documentary, 'Vaxxed 2' in preparation for the compulsory vaccination program they'll be unleashing at the end of the summer, or sooner:


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The alternative view is that race is a permanent issue, and the covid-19 issue is a panic that will soon blow over.

I don't think the alternative view holds up. All the Patriot Act, Homeland Security, and airport humiliation theater stuff that came in with 9/11 is still there, and there is no sign of it going away. There is no reason to think that the lockdown security state will vanish of its own accord either. It will have to be mobilized against and gotten rid of.
I predicted thith!
I assume the dicky account is a troll account, much like the Striker one.

Anyways, this site is your site and you decide what to do. I assume the articles are still up - hope so at least.

I also hope you go back to your old style eventually.
The Jewish problem section was good. It gathered a lot of news that you normally wouldn't see covered, and which were crucial points of information to understand the modern world.

Best of luck anyways, I hope this succeeds the way you want it to.


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Thank you for what you do. No matter what specific direction you decide to take in fighting the good fight, as long as you keep fighting that good fight, I’ll be behind you 110%. Both with my bitcoins and my prayers.

I can get racist jokey stuff on a let of places on the net. Yeah, you were probably the best at it, but whatever. The quality of my life won’t change at all if the Stormer stops using the Nigger word all the time. The quality of my life will in fact go down if there is nobody seriously standing up against the largest illegal power grab in American history. Please do keep in mind though that the jews and the gentile satanists they powwow around with are so deeply involved in this that, yeah, it may do the site good to be less jokey and ironic all the time, calling out all the evil and criminal activity as being specifically and overwhelmingly jewish and satanic still overlaps mightily with the struggle against the Coronavirus hoax. Just my two cents.

God bless, I know this had to be a tough decision buddy.
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Andrew Anglin

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I really disagree with removing Jewish and racial stuff altogether.
No, I'm not doing that. I'm just removing the verticals and the nonstop articles about jogger crime. I will still write about Jews.

They're going to be very relevant to a religious worldview that shows them as trying to bring about a new world order in line with their satanic religious purposes.


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Damn coronahoax keeps taking everything that brings me joy. Will there be a way to view the old jp section? Maybe just a small link at the bottom to 'old sections'?
Best of luck with the new direction. This shit has ruined more lives in three months than the last decade of Jewish behavior.


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Will the Race War articles be hosted elsewhere? I want to remain apprised of white deaths at the hands of nonwhites, and I'm certainly not going to hear about them from any mainstream source.
Colin Flaherty, the White Girl Bleed a Lot guy, often said - and I believe him - that he was saving lives because he had testimonials from white people who escaped the ghetto, or left parties when blacks started taking it over and there were later shootings there, and white parents pulled their kids from school after hearing his reports on black-on-white crime.

I don't think too many people dispute that coronavirus is far more important right now than black crime or IQ stats or whatever else. But that stuff is still important.

Maybe you can just link to a Colin Flaherty video once in a while. (If he's even still making them.)