5 states have refused to lockdown, media silent.


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I mean this has got to be fucking up their narrative. Every article says the US is on lockdown but that is not the case, thankfully five agriculture heavy states are not complying (my bet is they get mysteriously flooded out this spring and they wont be able to get aid unless...lockdown...and a pledge to Israel) Its fucking their shit up, these states have the lowest rates of alleged "Corona" virus deaths and infections in the nation. The media is just ignoring them. Every article I read is how the entire US is under lockdown, they refuse to mention how life goes on as normal in these states and that these states and the JESUS WAS INDEED WORSHIPPED IN THE US ON EASTER, Amen. I have to admit i felt good knowing some part of the US was worshipping in fellowship on Easter, I am certain that pissed off jews. All is not dark yet.
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I went by the local truck stop/restaurant out here in the boonies this morning. The owner has cordoned off the booths and tables with tape so that the crew of old locals who hang out there in the mornings have nowhere to sit. They've decided to just stand around outside the tape instead. It was actually difficult to get through them to the coffee machine and they were making jokes to me about 'social distancing' as I got my coffee.

There were even a few of 'em outside enjoying the mild morning. This group at least is over the lock down and has decided to start hanging out again.