14-Year-Old Girl’s “Ask A Rabbi” Class is Zoomgassed by Metaphysically Evil Boys

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Pomidor Quixote

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
April 3, 2020

Michelle, the mother of the 14-year-old zoomgassing victim.

The Chosen People have been chosen by PURE ABSOLUTE UNADULTERED EVIL as the targets of their anti-Semitic cyber-bullying.

Jews have recently suffered micro-Holocausts during webinars and virtual synagogue meetings.

Now even teenage girls are being digitally Holocausted!

Daily Mail:

A New York mother shared that her teenage daughter’s ‘Ask the Rabbi’ class was hijacked by a group of boys who shouted anti-Semitic slurs at her class before one stripped out of his clothes.

Michelle, a Long Island mother who chose not to use her last name, said that her 14-year-old child had been in an online class for her private girls’ Modern Orthodox high school when it was ‘Zoom-bombed’.

‘First, the screens were completely black and they were saying all these anti-Semitic things, cursing them out, saying you f*****g Jews, et cetera,’ Michelle explained to CBS News. ‘And then one boy suddenly stripped and was naked.’

Michelle described her child as being upset by the ordeal.

‘She was very embarrassed by it, and she just said, “I can’t talk about it,”‘ Michelle added.

With hundreds of millions now on Zoom, far from the 10million on before the coronavirus pandemic, hackers are getting easy access to people’s devices.

Zoom founder and CEO Eric Yuan attributed new users’ unfamiliarity with privacy settings on the app as the root of the problem.
50 Shades of Grey is to women what the Holocaust is to Jews, and anti-Semitic abuse is to Jews what BDSM is to women.

That girl cannot talk about the experience until she finishes processing the intense feelings that she’s feeling.

Being Holocausted is Jews’ greatest wet dream.

The FBI listed two examples where hackers had ‘Zoom-bombed’ schools which have closed because of the deadly coronavirus and which are now teaching classes online.

A Massachusetts high school reported that an unidentified individual dialed into the virtual classroom and yelled a profanity at the teacher before shouting the teacher’s home address.

Another school in the same state reported the appearance of an unknown person with swastika tattoos.

Using the hashtag ‘zoombombed,’ social media users have testified that they suddenly saw pornographic or racist images on their screens while using the app.
This is proof that technology and the Internet have brought to life a new form of Holocaust.

When unknown anti-Semitic persons enter a Jewish chat room, the chat room immediately turns into a concentration camps and Jews just cannot escape the abuse.

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The truth is.. the game was rigged from the start, rabbi.