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    Check out Jenny Rose Luxury Hair reviews Kikes mad!

    It's like the Santa Inc shoah all over again! Opel Blitz truckloads of lulz. Goyim knowing levels going through the roof!
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    Disney’s Lightyear is a Lighthearted and Fun Family Film About Gay Sex

    Some of these names man... seriously? SUSman, Schill, Schiller, etc , some of these yids are just comical. The chutzpah they have to possess to hide in plain sight like this is just absurd. A name like Rabbi Sclomo Shekelowitz is hardly a stone's throw away from being real compared to some of...
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    Supreme Court Ends Roe v. Wade! Half the States to Ban Abortion!

    This is my hope. If further rulings allow states to ban faggot marriage, reinstate sodomy laws, and ban contraceptives we will likely see millions of shitlib carpetbagging scum flee like cockroackes back to their gay states just in time for the Russian and Chinese nukes to deliver God's wrath to...
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    Supreme Court Ends Roe v. Wade! Half the States to Ban Abortion!

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    Derek Black Denouncing KKK Father was One of the Foundational Inspirations for the Daily Stormer

    I think if Alex Stein was a Jew that would just make him even funnier, another rabid jew that went off the rails and revolted against his own kind like Bobby Fischer
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    RED ALERT: Yahoo News story comments are back on the menu, baby!

    I noticed this too last week. The comments are supposedly moderated but there is no way Yahoo Jews can moderate millions of comments, much based material is going to slip through the cracks.
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    I Can’t Even Describe My Outrage That Merrick Garland and Ben Stiller Went to Meet Zelensky in the Same Week

    The more publicly these jews expose themselves the more of them will be caught and destroyed when their satanic agenda fails and they are caught in their own trap. The same applies to all these disgusting faggots.
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    I Can’t Even Describe My Outrage That Merrick Garland and Ben Stiller Went to Meet Zelensky in the Same Week

    I heard there's a way to sum up this entire ordeal with a single word: they call it "Chutzpah". As infuriating as it is we should take heart. We know that pride reaches its peak before destruction and this kind of Jewish arrogance is stirring God's wrath against them. The worse it gets the...
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    When SADS Strikes It is Truly SAD!

    As a Christian who is trying to take my faith more seriously, I know its the wrong thing to think these people are getting exactly what they deserve, but I would be sinning even further by downright lying by denying that is how I really feel about it. I'm willing to be sympathetic to boomers who...
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    NYC: Jewess District Attorney Caught Using Tax-Payer Funded Security Detail As Her Own Personal Chauffer/Hauling Service

    They don't call it Jew York City for no reason. And nothing screams childless bitter hag than a face like that
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    Jesse Lee Peterson accused of sexually assaulting men

    There has been an all out assault lately on America First by ZOG and controlled opposition shills ever since AFPAC 3. The system definitely noticed the fact AFPAC 3 was an inflection point in American dissident politics, it outperformed CPAC in nearly every measurable metric on social media...
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    Biden Entity Angrily Claims His Spending Habits are Very Responsible, Says He’s Doing a Great Job

    So you're saying basically Joe Brandon is like something like a chicken the uniparty is infusing with their failures and sins which they are then going to swing in circles over their heads to absolve themselves of said failures, and when the task is completed they will then discard the corpse...
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    7-Year-Old Mexican From Texas Killed in Drive-By Shooting, Sheriff Blames “Gun Violence”

    Add "gun violence" to the ever expanding list of euphemisms like "urban youth", "low income" or "underpriveleged communities". I'll save you the words and lengthy mental gymnastics by revealing a little close kept secret:
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    Germany: 42% Report Having to Change Their Eating Habits Because of Cost of Anti-Russia Sanctions

    I remember listening to hours upon hours of William Luther Pierce's broadcasts where he frequently fronted the idea that its would take the "refrigerators of the couch potatoes(i.e. Goyim) being empty" in order to finally motivate them to resist the ZOG agenda. I used to support this claim as...
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    Show’s Over, Folk: Jens Stoltenberg Says Ukraine Must Surrender

    I want to see this in the news: "Newly Proclaimed Tsar Vladimir Putin I proclaims formation of New Russian Empire Nova Rossiya" Followed shortly by "Turkish Referendum Appoints Ergodan as Sultan of Newly Revived Ottoman Empire"