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    British Company Fires Vicious Gook Female Who Threatened to Kill Whites

    Thanks abadgoy. It's fitting that the Daily Stormer superior woman, whom Andrew Anglin has crowned "a better girlfriend than any single white woman in this country," is a bat mitzvahed Jewess who is a ranting, hate-crazed anti-white. Since she also has some Oriental genes, that makes her...
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    America Heading For Civil War? Of Course It Is...

    I don't think much of the theory, when Blacks genocide Whites, Blacks are the real victims because they'll miss the stuff Whitey used to give them. When subspecies B displaces subspecies A, subspecies B then creates the kind of environment it typically creates. This replaces the kind of...
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    WSJ: Peter Thiel Uninterested in Trump’s Campaign, Expects Him to Lose

    When you see the blind, fanatical loyalty that we Whites are inclined to give to a leader who we think represents us but that in fact does nothing for us, it's easy to understand the great power that could be generated in a short time by White leaders who really were benefiting their people, or...
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    Crimes Against Words: New York Times Announces They’ll Capitalize “Black” – But Not “White”

    I have a discussion thread on this, and I invite everyone to contribute. Should pro-whites use White or white? I'm glad Andrew Anglin has already given his opinion, and my opinion is the same. We should use "White," because the push is on to capitalize Black, and because Jews have always been...
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    Should pro-whites use White or white?

    So your vote is not to capitalize any collective names at all? Or which collective names are the good ones?
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    Should pro-whites use White or white?

    I agree that "pro-white" is effective and important. This seemingly petty stuff is vital for group survival.
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    Should pro-whites use White or white?

    Apparently the Jews think it's an important benefit to have your racial identity capitalized. It's a benefit they require for themselves and that they are now conferring on Blacks while denying it to whites. A group that doesn't believe in its identity and assert its identity won't be able to...
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    Chinese Government Allegedly Systematically Reducing the Population of Uighur Moslems

    The new Daily Stormer is better than the old Daily Stormer. The new Daily Stormer has new strengths. And, as this article illustrates, the old strengths have not gone away.
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    Should pro-whites use White or white?

    This is a serious, principled disagreement. And that's why I didn't expect everyone to agree that we should call members of the white race Whites. If you think whites should have only a national identity, there shouldn't be a capitalized alternative identity. It might even be ideal, from a...
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    Should pro-whites use White or white?

    Please explain?
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    Should pro-whites use White or white?

    I don't know a way to do it. If anyone does know the way, go right ahead, don't wait for me.
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    Android and iPhone Users Report “Coronavirus Tracker” Installed Without Their Consent

    They shouldn't be called "phones" any more. They are multi-function surveillance devices. For short they should be called "trackers."
  13. Zaldron is Extremely Concerned About Free Speech in Hong Kong

    I made a mistake by not making something clear. I apologize, but there's something worse than making a mistake like this, and that's not clearing it up. When Andrew Anglin was being banned off everything, and Stephan Molyneux was un-personing him, if you mentioned Andrew Anglin an a comment on...