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    Memetic Monday: post memes here

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    National File obtains Zoom video conference where marketing director tells hospitals to “become more scary, make unvaccinated think they will die”

    How much have things changed from 2003.
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    Biden White House not ruling out vaccine mandates for domestic interstate travel; CNN says interstate travel is “not a constitutional right”

    International travel isn't even a right in Australia. New World Order. Prison Island Looking real bleak.
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    Memetic Monday: post memes here

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    “Yes! Stay Tuned!” –Biden To Use Might of Federal Government to Force Vaccine Mandates on Private Businesses

    Every modern autocratic state has had the same thing, a system of informants who were otherwise good people. If I was Machiavelli, I would want people to commit fraud by lying on the survey, creating fake vax cards, etc. That way I can create a more effective prison society by making a secret...
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    Australia: Health Minister Says “New World Order”
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    Australia: Residents in Lockdown Having Alcohol Deliveries Policed, Confiscated

    Sugar, Yeast, Water, kids party balloon with a hole in it, and a glass container. Fill three-fourths with clean water (municipal, well, spring, whatever) mix sugar in the water until the sugar is dissolved (about 1 to 2 cups of sugar per 1 cup of water) add yeast then cover top with balloon with...
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    Los Angeles Police to collect social-media info on everyone they stop, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts

    It is the New World Order in LA, to work just like contact tracing in Australia, but in the case of America it will be every time someone is "Justice Involved", such as being pulled over and detained for any reason. All the heads of state are scrambling to create a total information awareness...
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    The War on Supplements

    Flmodafinil or bust
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    hero [img]

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    Yes, the 21st Century Belongs to the Chinese: Diversity and Inclusion (Not Winning Wars) an "Ethical Imperative" for the U.S. Marine Corps

    I wonder why...?
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    Z Man: Mediocrity Reigns

    Article doesn't mention niggers. Sorry. Hard Pass.
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    Italians may soon face mandatory COVID shots - This fall is going to be WILD

    Because the orders to enforce are coming top down "the authorities" will engage in ever more draconian methods of compelling compliance. This will continue until they are told to back off by those giving the orders or those giving the orders are frightened in to backing off. It just seems like...
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    London Drive-Through Safari Park

    All the mixed cocktails of drugs and poor diet through zog food combined finally with niggers beings crazy and dumb by nature produces this end result