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    🚨America First MEGAthread🚨
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    Gookwaffen, assemble!

    herro old frens
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    🚨America First MEGAthread🚨

    I’ve been away, but count me amongst the Fuentes/AF loyalists!
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    It seems Dlive has unsubscribed me from all channels

    Are you sure the app is simply not showing you Live channels correctly? i.e. Could you still be following the same channels, but now your Live section is always empty. That’s what is happening to me and others.
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    Gookwaffen, assemble!

    herro 🤤
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    Mommy Malkin Refuses to Denounce Neon Nazis, stands with Groyper Army

    Apparently some basic bitch Con. Inc. types out of Colorado tried to besmirch Mommy Malkin's association with Nick Fuentes: Michelle Malkin Refuses to Denounce White Supremacists & Neo-Nazis -- I missed when Kike William Kristol tried this himself back in March, when he had disgraced...
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    Man murders police officer trying to arrest him

    "Someday" has arrived my bro.
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    @PotstickerSwatstika Do you have Ricochet?

    @PotstickerSwatstika Do you have Ricochet?
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    My late ol' man's favorite Johnny Paycheck tune: [MEDIA]

    My late ol' man's favorite Johnny Paycheck tune:
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    Ninja Tune, Coldcut's label, had lots of high quality stuff. I loved The Herbaliser.
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    I was all about electronica & trip hop. Blissed out, downtempo, chillout music.
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