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    Price of gold and silver flying, cryptos too

    That dovish Powell jawboning did the trick and invalidated the inverse head and shoulders pattern on the DXY. It’s interesting that recently all the experts were wrong about about a upside breakout in treasury yields, and now everyone “smart” got caught on the wrong side of the dollar pair...
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    London: Alpha Male Moslem Conqueror Stabs Slut Woman Who Disrespected Allah

    Well, naming the jew is great if it leads to actually doing something about it. White men sense if any course of action may lead to injury or jail and then find some rationalization on why is said course of action is wrong. Then they’ll denounce anyone that does anything for provoking power and...
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    Price of gold and silver flying, cryptos too

    This is that cherry-picked time frame tho. Last year July ‘20 - July ‘21, gold/silver have traded sideways or slightly down. However, July ‘20 - July ‘19 they were the top performing assets. JR_Rustler mentioned the weak correlation to the dollar, but if you compare precious metals charts to the...
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    Price of gold and silver flying, cryptos too

    Yeah. Gold and silver are still the best investment if you want to protect your wealth and not worry about volatility. Bitcoiners point to the modest returns of precious metals (often on cherry picked time frames), but going all-in on with your life savings on crypto is not realistic. I went...
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    Price of gold and silver flying, cryptos too

    During low volume is perfect time for a short squeeze. 252 BTC got liquidated yesterday on Bitfinex. Everyone saw those patterns and got greedy on margin. Why ppl trade on margin in something as volatile and manipulated as crypto is beyond me. How do you know if some exchange employee isn’t...
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    Price of gold and silver flying, cryptos too

    Asians are doing a decent BTC pump above $38k on low volume. Sometimes you gotta wonder if whales and algos were intentionally creating those bearish chart patterns to scare traders into giving up their coins on the cheap. It’s still too early to draw any conclusions from US time zone Sunday...
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    ‘It’s five years since a white person applied’: the immigrant workforce milking America’s cows

    Well, there’s a grain of truth to it. In the low wage service sector, no White or Black men even apply unless they’re drunks that are looking for something between their next bender. Or college kids during Summer break. Mexican immigration hurts blacks more than Whites. We lost building trade...
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    What She Misses Most Is The Diversity

    Deep down they fear a strong culture and a strong state. Diversity reassures these parasites that no authority figure can stop them: they want Anarchy with Amazon delivered to their doorstep. They’ll achieve the first part, but their horror will come when they no longer get the second, but...
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    Women thread

    Women have no sense of proportionality or justice. If you hurt her feelings, you deserve to have your entire life destroyed. Or maybe not. It all depends on a whim of the moment. What you describe doesn’t seem bizarre at all. I’ve personally experienced it numerous times. The most recent...
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    Price of gold and silver flying, cryptos too

    It sucks to be the bearer of bad news, but it means the dollar is likely to shoot up and cryptos/precious metals will go down as a result. It’s retarded that the dollar and interest rates determine the price of every other asset class, including cryptos, but that’s how it works. Now, the...
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    Are Viruses a Hoax?

    Whenever I hear a hoax theory, my concern is “will this make us sound like kooks and discredit our claims about the Jew.” Really, I don’t care about the truth or falsity of any theory. All I care about is “is this bad for the Jews?” If yes, I support it wholeheartedly.
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    Price of gold and silver flying, cryptos too

    Right now the DXY is trading at its neckline ~92.9 in a large inverse head and shoulders pattern. A sustained break above this neckline indicates a trend reversal with a big upside risk to USD. However, global firms have significant dollar-denominated debt liabilities so any large move upwards...
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    Lil Nas X’s New Video Features Naked Gay Black Males Dancing in the Shower, 6M+ Views on Youtube

    Gayniggers are America’s moral sacred objects and cultural trendsetters. White women love gay niggers more than the children they never had. They could so totally vibe together at Starbucks over a pumpkin spice latte!!! Imagine how comfortable they would feel together, conversation flowing about...
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    Neo-Nazi Fed Fatbody Matt Heimbach Returns, Calls for Mass Assassinations

    People with corpulent soylent bodies understand their role in the ecosystem is to make anything they associate with seen as low status. Most “brands” don’t want fats attached to them. However, the system does seek to undermine the prestige of competitors. Here fatbodies have a niche symbiosis...
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    Trump Would Probably be Prime Minister If America had a Multi-Party System

    Kushner had some dirt on Trump. As President he was simply worse than worthless. Judging by the old photos of Trump touching Ivanka and his comments about her curves, or how he would date her, or if it was wrong to be more attracted to his daughter than his wife, I’d venture to guess what it was…