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    Funnily enough, they tried the "muh dick" and "imma hit you white boy" once, saw Nick was unfazed, and stopped it completely. I'm actually a bit surprised at how civilized these nigguhs were. Destiny was by far the least tolerable. That pathetic worm of a man.
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    Well I mean, I think it's fair that occasionally, the Kai issue comes up, he get's some flak, and then it's back to business. It's not like there's a coordinated effort to harm him. As you say, Nick makes the descisions, and he won't be swayed by some posts. Overall I think the dynamic is fine...
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    Whatever, the core point about following the guy who knows what's up still stands, and Kai repeatedly lands in a situation that he has to talk himself out of. Wether it's just a misunderstanding every time or wether he is just good at telling stories, who knows. It was obvious from Nick's...
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    Low testosterone, need advice

    Well we're talking about different things here. What I meant is doing Squats, Bench/Shoulderpress, and Deadlifts every workout and adding five pounds every time(for a couple months, it get's more complicated later where you alternate Deadlifts and Cleans and do pullups, Rack Pulls etc). I think...
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    Low testosterone, need advice

    If you're doing the big compound movements 3 times a week while trying to get stronger, it's not really possible to consume the necessary calories in a 6 hour window(unless you're scarfing down a big meal every 90 minutes, which sounds unpleasant and probably unhealthy). You'll miss out on...
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    I agree, but I think that especially in this critical time, any rebelliousness is almost as bad as disloyalty. Nick has shown that he's extremely competent, that he's willing and able to lead, and that he's not a tyrant. I don't understand why it's so difficult to just shut your fucking mouth...
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    Nick is brutally force-feeding this annoying mulatto all the redpills at once. I hope he doesn't overdose.
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    To be fair I don't think anybody is like Nick. Not just on cozy or in American right wing politics, but in politics as a whole. But that's the whole problem with Kai(and some others), he's a kid that fundamentally doesn't understand the magnitude of what Nick is doing. He can regurgitate the...
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    Only one left.
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    I agree, he's the man for the job. I'm sure he'll discover what a beautiful soul she really is. Also, you have to tell us how she smelled Tony.
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    Low testosterone, need advice

    Around 30-40% of the farms in my area have those little stores that sell a bunch of products from the farm, meats, eggs, vegetables, and they usually have a refrigerator or tank with milk in it. It's self-checkout, so they are open for a long time. Just look up where the nearest family owned...
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    Low testosterone, need advice

    My goto has always been half a liter of raw milk with vanilla whey(from Markus Rühl's company, you may know him). Very tasty. Haven't thought about adding the egg to a shake. I could imagine that it would be quite tolerable. Or it could be completely disgusting. Probably worth trying.
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    Low testosterone, need advice

    I've considered drinking raw eggs because I'm that lazy, haven't tried it for now though. But yes, eggs lead to many boners. Kinda intuitive actually, like most things.