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    Covid Police-Sate Australia: Police Ambush Crowds and Shoot Protesters In the Back With ‘Non-lethals’ As They Run Away – (Video)

    They should just say the government is oppressing minority’s, carry BLM signs, burn everything and scream about defunding the police... then they would be commended by the world, shit maybe we would invade
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    Tinnutus the new vaxx side effect...

    My ex girlfriend pulled out of front of a mini van and they hit my side, was in a coma for months with a lot of head injuries.... I have really bad tinnitus and every doctor I’ve ever seen said you just have to live with it.
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    Are Feminists (And Female Immigration Enthusiasts) Witches?

    Seems like a waste of wood too :)
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    Mississippi abortion clinic asking SCOTUS to uphold Roe v Wade; case will be heard December 1

    They won’t ever stop stealing them from Africa , every one wants to prove niggers are the same as us, they just need a good fambly.
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    Amateur spic plastic surgeons perform illegal butt augmentation on adult film THOT who dies soon afterwards

    The mom posted a 1 million dollar bail, in jail 1 day, the daughter got out the next day.
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    Is reltihlieh a retard or a fed?

    If we bring out the worst in you then please go somewhere else, you use disgusting language that decent people don’t use.
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    Is reltihlieh a retard or a fed?

    You sound like a disgusting person that nobody likes so you come on here talking shit so someone will give you attention...
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    IVERMECTIN: Everything You Need to Know About One of the World's Greatest Wonder Drugs

    I wonder if the pour on ivermectin will keep niggers and jews away ?
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    Men Sleep Worse During Waxing Moon, Women Unaffected – Study

    Except trans women... they are women
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    Niggers Go To School

    Schools and prisons have a lot in common these days
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    Coincidence Detector?

    Well keep me posted, I’ll let know when it happens again, I’d like to know who my other is too.
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    You hit the nail on the head with or think they do.... I’m not a woman but that how I sees it :) this society is all backwards and not natural, everyone will pay for these choices, women especially.... it’s sad.
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    Coincidence Detector?

    I definitely didn’t make those comments but I think your right about it having to do with unfinished comments, thanks for helping figure it out though :). I don’t drink and stuff I use sometimes doesn’t effect my memory, unless it does so much that I don’t think it does ??? :)
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    Those Who Have Bought Chicken in the Last 10 Years Could Be Eligible for Payment

    Sheeeiiiit... time to invest in some big shiny car rim companies :)