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    Covid is Cover for a Financial Crisis

    Even without the deadly vaxx we are looking at a mass die off. Most of the population is loaded up with drugs and corn syrup. Driving thru town the other day, looking at people staggering on the sidewalks; I felt like I was driving thru the set of the Walking Dead.
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    You Will Own Nothing: The Feds are Already in a War with Farmers

    Irrigating farms with public water is a silly idea. It was promoted by the government as a way to get rid of self-sufficient farmers. Almost all the environmental harm caused by Big Ag is encouraged by the government. America has the potential to grow massive amounts of food while causing...
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    "You May Have Never Heard Of Anorexia Nostalgia, But It’s A Real Thing, And I Have It"

    Most people in my area do not trust themselves with their own money. They would spend it all foolishly if it were not kept out of sight in a Jew Bank. Self-control has become a relic of the old days.
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    President of Brazil fined for not wearing a Covid mask at a biker rally

    Are healthy people dying from the flu in an alternate dimension ? Isn't this exactly what the Jews are claiming ?
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    Controlled Demolition - Private Equity Groups Overpay for Real Estate as Value of U.S Dollar Implodes

    Houses have no intrinsic value. Land and people have value. Houses are merely a byproduct of White civilization. I understood this when I was six years old. Assigning monetary value to a house is a Jewish idea. My people have always hated real estate speculators. No one can say with a...
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    God Retaliates. Jews are Burning...

    Jews are always panicking over brush fires. Other races don't care. A brush fire in Africa is not a big deal. Fire reminds the Jew of what awaits in the afterlife. Hence the fear.
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    Any good advice or references about a compromise vaccination schedule?

    Sacrificing children for any reason is not cool.
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    Bill Cosby Denied Parole After Refusing to Take MeToo Reeducation Course in Prison

    How many White men have the courage to refuse Jewish therapy ? We can see now that the campaign against Bill Cosby was part of a larger effort by Jews to make men second-class citizens.
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    Wild Mountain Lion Breaks Into San Francisco Area Home Full of Taxidermy Animals

    This is an omen of our future. After the vaxxine depopulation much of suburbia will be abandoned. Cougar was just a bit early. Be patient noble cat !
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    New Jersey offering incentives to get vaxxed: Free state park passes, free wine, & dinner with the Governor

    Politicians who shill for the Jews should be required to speak Yiddish. Subtitles can be in Ebonics. English is the language of White Supremacy. White language for White racists only. Make them adhere to their own rules - Saul Alinsky.
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    Low Effort Trash Thread

    Why isn't hang gliding more popular ? This has bothered me for a long time. A common view of the future in old science fiction books is that hang gliding will be more popular in the future. After lightweight materials have been perfected, such as aluminum, titanium and carbon fiber. We now...
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    Bill Gates Divorce Propaganda: Talking to Women, Throwing Nude Parties

    " People who put the material world first, who put their personal happiness first, do not actually believe God is in control. " Exactly. From what I have seen, people are not born with blind faith in money or the government. They simply make easy choices. Always shying away from hard...
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    Agreeing With Shitlibs For Wrong Reasons: "Scientists" Push Proposal To Reintroduce Jaguars Along US-Mexico Border

    Jaguars were formerly present in the Southern Appalachian Mountains. This is the very same region that has an over-population of wild pigs.
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    University Students Suspended For Not Wearing Masks Outside Campus

    Reading this article gave me a warm happy feeling. Three smarmy skanks getting what they deserve. Is this an example of colleges getting ready to demote all White women ?