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    BLM Organizing Mass Nationwide Protest! SHOWTIME!

    very acurate. The ones with the tight uniform and too much makeup that make them appear kinda hot and the obese nigger bitch and the short hair dyke. This really is the 4 archetypes of front-hole cops.
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    Are We Ready to Discuss the Robot Questions (RQ)?

    I would like to point out that the discussion about this stuff is happening. its just happening in obscure academic journals, where all the articles are written by pajeets and jews and shitlibs. And all of them swim in the same direction. Leviathan only swims left. I feel like they will come to...
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    Woman Trapped in Shopping Mall Escalator Robbed by Pretend Rescuer

    WHAT IS THIS SHIT? r/fatpeoplehate ? Hahahahahahahaha this is great
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    Are Educated People More Anti-Semitic?

    This is interesting on so many levels. The nosebergs are basically saying "the goyim have this weird thing about hypocrisy." It's also funny that they see orthodox being forced to obey the rules as a sign of anti-Semitism. You spent a hundred years convincing everyone that we are equal and now...
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    Oakland, CA: $500 a month gibsmuhdats for congoids but nothing for poor whites

    @collapsitarian (y) I was mostly taking umbrage with the way you phrased your reply. "SF is too expensive" is true but the people being priced out of SF are in fact upper middle class people. Our guys, working class whites, move 30-45 miles out of SF and buy 400k homes in contra costa county or...
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    Norway Cancels Easter, Bans All Alcohol to Fight the Flu

    No alcohol. As a Scandinavian i am embarrassed. Please after this is all over quarantine my people so we don't spread. A fence around WI and MN and ND, SD, as well as our home countries. Dead serious we must be stopped.
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    Oakland, CA: $500 a month gibsmuhdats for congoids but nothing for poor whites

    That's very misleading. Yes its cheaper in Oakland. But maybe 15%. A million dollar apartment in the City is an $850,000 apartment in the Town. ZERO WHITES IN OAKLAND MAKE LESS THAN 60K A YEAR. If they do its cause they are ghost ship artists or actual anti-fascists, like evette falorca the...
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    Man Sig Heils mudshark and her ape offspring, gets arrested for racisms, something something

    I would bet this guys favorite show is the paranormies. Much Wignat. Such cringe. I'll bet this guy was thinking to himself "maybe this will get me into the inner circle and i too can move to Appalachia and work as handyman." or "Im so glad i brought my girl to a pool party and got...
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    New Amazon Series Shows Black Family Being Terrorized After Moving to White Neighborhood

    “But, as you probably know, that’s been anything but a dream for black folks in this country. In fact, it’s been a nightmare. So, it’s an opportunity to tell an American dream story of home ownership but peel back those floorboards a bit.” Home ownership is a nightmare. Probably because you...
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    Bill Gates Wants to Use Planes to Spray Things in the Sky to Dim the Sun and Cool the Planet

    This is the plot to Highlander 2. This is so reddit tier it hurts my face.
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    Cost people you hate a lot of money

    This is the true purpose of your cash phone. Also people really should buy a faraday bag!
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    Low Effort Trash Thread

    This is how you use the shit thread: for joke replies My wifes jew uncle and i were discussing socialism and he is (uh WAS) an old communist and I said something about getting trains to run on time. Uncle Steve starts shvitzing and says "yeah but where would the trains be going" Which...
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    You Have to Engage with Popular Culture on Some Level or People Will Dislike You

    @Cathy I'm embarrassed to say. Bravo's below deck. its a show about a super yacht crew. there are 3 versions and in a total of 20 seasons only 1 interracial hook-up. mostly lots of very good looking south africans and aussies and kiwis and british people with good teeth. also told the niggers...
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    Crowder and Shaprio use the word "Anti-White" now. Comments bringing up White Genocide under Ben Shapiro and Quartering videos. Other normiecons also

    NO. NO. NO. This is wrong. Asians are high IQ enough that they think they can get a piece of the pie if whites are destroyed. We will never have allies. Every other group has a much stronger in group preference. It is too hard to swim against the cultural stream. And the stream is...
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    Crowder and Shaprio use the word "Anti-White" now. Comments bringing up White Genocide under Ben Shapiro and Quartering videos. Other normiecons also

    WOW they are really trying hard to keep people on the plantations if that sickening little kike is saying anti-white. If they ever put me in the gulag i will give up everyone if i'm forced to listen to that guy talk for an hour.