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    BBC Quiz: What was the Name of the Poem Read at Biden’s Inauguration?

    I saw that sheboon all over the TVs at the gym. I figured it was President Retard's nominee for attorney general or an Harambe cosplayer or something
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    Biden's opening approval below Trump and Obama, just 48%

    The retard's approval rate should be zero
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    Qualified Personal Trainer here - AMA

    Dude. If they were meant to be eaten, they wouldn't taste as horrible as they do
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    Biden screws blue collar workers....

    I've got to watch joker some time. They really do get what they deserve
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    Biden Megathread

    I almost wish the senile old communist survives until 2024. Hopefully someone can find Corn Pop to run against him
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    Had a Lucid Dream for the First Time Last Night

    Should've banged a bunch o hot bitches. I'd be a little pissed if I had the opportunity and just made deer.
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    Multiple Idiot Rush Limbaugh Callers Think Biden is "Hitler" (no audio)

    It was similar for me. I remember my parents being big time Clinton assholes. And of course, my classmates were left wing pieces of shit as well. I knew they were idiots and wrong about pretty much everything. A few months of listening to Limbaugh and I was calling them "goddamned hippies"...
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    Antifa in Portland is currently smashing out the windows of the headquarters of the Democratic Party of Oregon.

    Good. Burn left wing enclaves to the fucking ground and salt the earth
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    White House Youtube Videos . . . Ratio'd Into Hell, Comments Turned Off

    Down voting this communist retard pedophile is my new favorite pastime
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    LOL - Soldiers turned their backs on Biden’s post-inauguration motorcade procession!

    That's great. Anything to spit in the face of Communist Democrats. But the Retard in Chief will start a useless foreign war to kill them off any second now.
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    Trump Reportedly Wants to Start the Patriot Party

    She's not wrong. The present sucks ass and the future will be worse
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    Anti-Biden Antifa Smash Stuff

    Good. I never thought I'd have anything in common with those commie faggots, but I hate Democrats too. Weird.
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    Are we getting our $2000 stimulus checks now?

    Stimulus payments won't be going to whites, that would be racist. Only niggers, spics, trannies, and kikes are entitled goy
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    Joe Biden Sworn in as President

    Would somebody give Commie Harris some wire cutters and show her where the break lines to the usurper's limo is?
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    Previously Unseen Footage of Trump Delivering the Blacks Out of Prison

    Raccoons are much smarter than niggers. They get into trash, make a mess and are generally pains in the ass. But they're not violent. No raccoon has ever stabbed a bitch