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    AA Flight Attendant Kicks Mother Off Plane Because Her Two-Year-Old Son Wasn’t Wearing His Mask Properly

    I fly a lot and just eventually had to stop because the mask shit got old fast, always getting yelled at they are the absolute WORST with masks, I fell asleep once and because the mask came a little off my nose they woke me up to tell me to fix it like WTF? Then this one nigger flight attendant...
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    Doctors Say They Have No More Compassion for Unvaccinated Americans

    @LittleGuinea Yes it's behind a paywall though, he does release a lot of free stuff it's just that everyone is kinda behind a paywall these days. I get it but now I feel like a hypocrite making fun of boomer radio and TV because for the most part it was free with ads now you got to pay and some...
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    White men are now almost extinct on university campuses – and that’s exactly what feminists want

    Another article bitching but providing no solutions.
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    Call me @pureblood

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    Bitter Old Jew Howard Stern Tells Anti-Vaxers to Die, Attacks Joe Rogan

    You can't find clips cause Stern has a jew clutch over all his content without giving him shekels via the outdated boomer radio company SiriusXm. Everyone has their own timeline on when he fell off but around 2010 before I was jew woke the lazy fucker actually signed a contract to only work two...
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    Whacked Out Nutjobs Forcing Troops to Take Doom Vax

    I read the Memo everyone has to be vaxed by Dec 10th or admin discharged this makes it quick and easy everyone that refuses is getting a GOMOR (General Officer Memorandum of Reprimand) that's only important to those that get in big trouble but want to stay in it means nothing to anyone becoming...
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    Gavin Newsom Wins Recall Easily with Fake Mail-In Ballots

    @V.I It's not legitimate this is how every despotic government operates with "free and fair" elections they win by unrealistic margins Kim in NK wins by what 99.97% Saddam was the same, Assad also assumed power with 97% lmao. They can just come out and say all republicans died of COVID because...
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    Matt Wynter is a lying piece of shit and he should know better his friend was some type of night club hype man which means if anyone here at GU ever spent one night with him we all be dead from a drug overdose. He said his friend never drank yet half of his promo vids are him with "dem bottles"...
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    Gavin Newsom Wins Recall Easily with Fake Mail-In Ballots

    These people are so dumb always talking about Cali's high prices and high taxes I think minimum wage there is like 25 bucks now, you are considered low middle class making 120k lmao
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    Governor Newsom brutally conquers California again. Cites "false seprerateness"

    I just couldnt get over how all of conservative inc thought they had a shot here I knew from day one this recall never stood a chance. The last conservatives there are waisting all their energy and time with elections I'm really tired of their bitching. I'm sick of seeing news stories of some...
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    Obesity is a killer and Covid is brutal to fat people, so why are we doing nothing to tackle this ticking time bomb?

    @MichaelWittmann These two vids has your answer this pretty sums up every household in the US.
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    NFL Gay Guy Cheerleaders is Ackshually Happening

    Normies and boomers will never stop watching sports no matter how degenerate it becomes.
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    Niggers Fail in Ambush of Florida Sheriff Deputies

    Fat cop almost killed his partner very poor situational awareness.