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    Nigger bitches and Cat 5 Chimpout over being charged $1.75 for extra sauce!

    New latest meme of niggers chimping out over fast food is kinda funny. More reason to avoid that crap.
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    Everything we know about Terraria: Journey's End

    I put fifty hours into this game when it first came out, never killed that first eyeball boss and then suddenly lost interest. Years later I fired it up again and couldn’t figure out how to make a stupid bed to complete a house and I said screw this game. Is there an in-game crafting guide or...
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    Jew Blinken Slams Death Sentences for Ukraine Mercenaries as “Sham”

    Use the Brit prisoner to exchange for Russian Sgt. Vadim Shishimarin who did nothing wrong. The Morrocan probably has no value. Or maybe Ukraine doesnt care about their foreign volunteers. In that case the Russians can exchange the executed bodies for their yachts back.
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    Primetime Brandon Calls for Assault Weapons Ban

    Watched the whole 19 minute video on 1.5x speed. Must have been at least 4-5 times. Im suprised he didnt mention the usual talking points: Deer not wearing body armor, 5.56 and 9mm are too “high caliber”, and you couldnt own cannons during the revolutionary war. Also is it common to have...
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    NRA Says Gun Ownership is a Fundamental Human Right

    Its retarded how every news organization is mentioning this. It’s a 5-6 hour drive, or the equivalent of driving through three or four states in the northeast. Texas is a big hecking place and its irrelevant. Its not like you can hear the gunshots from the school to the convention. That’s...
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    Gun Control: The Final Solution to Mexican Trannies

    Another thing to consider: He was initially chased by a Border Patrol agent after he shot his grandmother and then ditched his truck. Is it normal for someone to call 911 and they dispatch the Border Patrol to the scene of a crime? Were the BP keeping tabs on him before the shooting? Like...
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    Alt-history game I, the Inquisitor has you killing nonbelievers for a vengeful Jesus Christ

    Can’t tell if this has an anti-Christian theme to it or not. Why are the crosses shaped like EVIL NAZI SWASTIKAS? Is the flying red thing a Flying Spaghetti Monster? Can’t find any english plot summaries of Jacek Piekara’s novels. The trailer looks nigger-free though, so I’ll give them...
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    Russian Prank Callers Pretend to be Zelensky, Talk to George W. Bush for Long Period

    So what the heck was Bush seeing on his screen the whole time the interview was taking place? Some guy that vaguely looks like Zelensky talking in a funny low voice for some reason? I guess Bush really is that dumb.
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    Has anyone made a Twitter since the Elon thing?

    Whelp, I stand corrected on that. I was just repeating what I heard about Babylon Bee. RealDonaldTrump, @wigger, and nick fuentes are still banned.
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    Has anyone made a Twitter since the Elon thing?

    Nothing has happened since the Elon Musk thing happened. The president is still banned, Sam Hyde is recently banned Post-Elon, Babylon Bee was unbanned ONLY because they acknowledged their tranny harassment tweet. I dont think anything has changed, really but Im not really looking that...
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    The new Jackass Forever

    Does this female jew actually take part in dangerous stunts or have any skills in anything or is she just there for no good reason? I liked the TV show and Jacksass 1 - doing public stunts was funny. The gay cringe shit was awful and the subsequent films were just more gay cringe shit.
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    America doesn't have a gun problem...

    Had to look up what OFNG was because I thought it was a misspelling of OMFG at first. Apparently its purely a nig thing. It still doesnt make any sense. Its like a real life bix nood.
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    He didn't keep getting away with it: Sam Hyde's Twitter account nuked!

    He should not have put his real name on the profile. I dont think he had it there before last month. He probably got reported for ban evasion.