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    Remembering Lviv

    Am I the only one who cannot fathom what the fuck this dude is on about?
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    100-Year-Old Military Vet Becomes “I Should Have Sided with Hitler” Meme

    And the problem is that when all these places inevitably turned into shitholes, all the people who could have and should have stood up to make a difference were old and irrelevant or were dying off.Same in South Africa, no one remembers the people of the older generations and their dire...
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    South Africa Might be Heading for Black-on-Black Race War

    Real whites detest them but cannot admit it either to themselves or to anyone else. Lackadaisical to almost the very last one.
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    Why Hitler Struck Against Russia

    The SU definitely had the men and materiel to attack. The extremely rapid rise of Germany, and the aggressiveness of their actions probably gave pause to the Soviets, but that would not necessarily have deterred them for long. Just as the Germans saw it as imperative to launch a pre--emptive...
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    I Believe That She Will Win, I Believe That She Will Win, I Believe That She Will Win

    The secret: You gotta be black.
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    Why Hitler Struck Against Russia

    Agreed, "Lebesraum" encompassed claiming historically German territory. Jews have used the concept of "Lebensraum" disingenuously in much the same way as they are trying to smear Russia and Putin today by claiming that his SMO is a grab at territory citing speeches where Putin has pointed out...
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    Why Hitler Struck Against Russia

    That is only because Stalin thought he'd been clever enough to hide his intentions and maintain the element of surprise. Hitler took the initiative away from him.
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    Why Hitler Struck Against Russia

    Right off the top of my head I remember reading Viktor Suvorov stating this very fact. He also sited the fact that there was a "treaty" between Stalin and Germany, and said that the USSR always intended to use the treaty as a smokescreen to attack Germany and the rest of Europe. There is of...
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    Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Tells Reporter To ‘Go Back To Your Country’

    Try walking down the street in London or any other major metropolitan area. You'll be lucky not to get stabbed
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    Full Interview of American POW’s in Ukraine

    REMF trying to get some combat honours. Got rekt instead.
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    Possible Antifa Tries To Chop Up Cop With Axe

    And that folks is why you carry one up all day, every day.
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    FIFA Considers Making it Easier for Trannies to Compete with Women!

    Indeed, at last women's soccer will be worth watching LOL
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    Shadowy Strava users spy on Israeli military with fake routes in bases

    This was already identified as a problem on US bases in the ME years ago? Aren't the Israelis supposed to be ahead of the curve?
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    Tiny eight-legged creatures ‘have sex on your face’ while you sleep

    Washing your eyelash area with baby shampoo every night keeps 'em under control if you have a bad case. Otherwise they're quite essential as they keep the oils in the follicle from building up.