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    Why women want sugar daddies

    Women are like rudderless ships. Not (generally speaking) having the capacity to think forward they've been thrust into a world where they are ostensibly expected to be successful in their own right, however knowing that they are mostly incapable of it they revert to the only thing that really...
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    Extremist Researcher (((Rita Katz))) says EPIK hack exposes Far Right and they're all now f***ed

    A litany of Jewesses taking a break from getting Blacked?
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    More Like “Family Gay,” Amirite?

    No, yet here we are.
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    My only contribution to this thread is" Why? And Where Do You Get The Time?
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    Please Help. Lied About VAX

    Mein Kampf, Hitler on debating with Jews and how he came to despise them.
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    The folly of teaching Afghan women about Duchamp’s porcelain urinal and conceptualism shows the West has nothing to teach anyone

    Equal parts if you ask me. Just like in Africa the missionaries came with the best intentions and created abominations. The natives are best left alone to native. In any case WTF are they teaching "gender studies" as an occupational force?
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    Germany: Man Fatally Shoots Gas Station Employee with Revolver After Being Told to Wear Face Mask

    Yeah well go right ahead and do what this guy did and then claim to have not thrown your life away for very little. I mean there is stupid and seriously stupid.
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    Germany: Man Fatally Shoots Gas Station Employee with Revolver After Being Told to Wear Face Mask

    Just let it wash off of you. Plenty of people will crack and do shit. You don't have to be one of them and throw your life away. Don't fret the NPCs get in get out and leave it behind.
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    Women are still doing the majority of the housework

    LOL more bullshit to further the Critical Divide. I really cannot take these articles seriously. Half (conservatively) the bitches are lone living cat ladies whos abodes are probably syphilitic anyway and "housework" involves occasionally picking up cat shit.
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    No, science definitely not always true. Much of "science" is purely theoretical and can never be proven because it is out of our physical capability to prove many theories. Other than this science is merely a process of trial and error to find the most likely explanation for phenomena which...
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    EXPOSED: Proof it’s a pandemic of the vaccinated

    Most African countries don't have a COVID problem because they're all on Ivermectin and have been for ages.
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    Women thread

    Yes I definitely get that. How many do it when the opportunity arises is of course a different story altogether. As JP said the biggest difference between Tiger Woods and his male critics is that there wasn't a busload of Swedish supermodels waiting for them at the last hole. An incel cannot be...
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    BREAKING: Mayor demands entire school board resign or be criminally charged with distribution of "child pornography."

    Since when do they get to resign and get away scott free. I do not know how it works in the states but where I am as a private citizen I can walk into a police station and lay a charge against anyone who I know has committed a crime. A docket is opened an investigation is conducted and the...
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    Women thread

    Do it, just don't knock her up.
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    Israel: Prominent Anti-Vaxer Dead After Being Poisoned by Jew Cops!

    Well, the Irgun was happy to bomb Baghdad Jews in order to terrorize them into packing up and heading for Palestine. There is a medal commemorating the co-operative agreements between Hitler's NSDAP and the Irgun to channel European Jews to Palestine with a Star of David on one Side and...