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    Pewdiepie gets /fit/

    Good job, Felix.
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    ‘Racist’: Population control group uses black baby in overpopulation billboard

    Just let them go and let them have their dark continent. To say something on the population issue, it is surprising to me that someone would use a black child for an ad. As others have pointed out it's always been us under scrutiny and attack by these ad campaigns and studies while the people...
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    Trump flops in the first debate

    How'd Trump do? Did he do good in the debate?
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    Presidential Debate Trump vs Biden Live

    How's Pres. Trump doing now?
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    Do NOT install Windows 10 awful new update!

    Oh trust me, I have VLC and I imagine everyone else who has to put up with Microsoft has gotten it too.
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    White supremacists believe in genetic 'purity,' but science shows no such thing exists

    Do you think many people would be willing to sit down and listen to a purely unpolitical science lecture or any lecture for that manner? They join in on the bullshit because they know they'll buried or at the least pushed to obscurity if they don't, that and the kikes are using them.
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    Christian group raises over $500K for Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse

    I barely hear mention of them in official media, they aren't playing into their tactics, they've been outright covering for them.
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    Why are we against abortion???

    They'd fake it if they need to or just strike down the project before it took air.
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    Christian group raises over $500K for Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse

    You could convert to a Webm if you need to, not sure if the site supports it though. If it's clear for our examination and archive we'll definitely need it when they start spreading misinformation.
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    Christian group raises over $500K for Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse

    This is sounding like bullshit already. @Louis_McFadden where can I see the video? I could probably archive it, I assume YouTube has taken it down.
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    Boogie pulls gun on Frank Hassle

    This gif, I can't stop watching it, there's something satisfying about it.
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    Antifa Burn Portland Church

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    Antifa Burn Portland Church

    Unsurprising, it is what the Soviets did when they came to power.
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    The Fruits of Democracy: Uighur Woman Celebrated for Coming to the United States as a Refugee (Many, Many More on the Way)

    @Quest 4 The Future Depends if Brazil has a significant White population whose willing to put money into their pockets and humiliate themselves for them.