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    Australia Rises Up! Give Us FREEDOM!

    It's refreshing to see that the Aussie police force isn't heavily militarized like virtually everywhere else now. Probably a legacy of the British Commonwealth. Saying that, those cops look soy as hell and there are also plenty of useless tattooed, fat sweaty skanks in their ranks as we've seen...
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    AA Flight Attendant Kicks Mother Off Plane Because Her Two-Year-Old Son Wasn’t Wearing His Mask Properly

    Carl the attendant, who is almost certainly homosexual, is going to do a great job running a torture camp for the unvaxxed.
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    AOC Wears “Tax the Rich” Dress at Met Gala

    "The MET Gala is a gathering by the elite, for the elite. The prices set for that event ($35,000 for a ticket, $200,000+ for a table) make sure that no peasant can enter the premises … unless they’re hired to serve the esteemed guests, of course. As seen in previous articles, the 2018 MET Gala...
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    Nicki Minaj Says Man Became Impotent After Taking Coronavirus Vaccine, Angers Blue Checkmarks

    The blue checks are panicking because they know that anything 'muh dick' related is the most effective propaganda for the negro masses. If they wanted to sell the vaxx to be blaxx, they should have leaked a fake side-effect causing erections that last longer than four hours.
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    “He’s a Good Boy” – Mother of Good Boy Who Killed Baby While Fleeing in Stolen Car

    it was actually a priestess of Kali dispensing judgement. If it was a white judge, more precisely a fellow white judge, the good boy would be back to jogging around the streets of Brooklyn already.
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    Fauci Says It’s Time to Cockblock the Unvaxed from Airplanes!

    This is already par for the course in Europe so they are definitely going to go there. On top of that, should you wish to travel, you can expect to: 1. Have to fill in Orwellian passenger "locator" forms. It will be a criminal offence to declare false info. 2. The world will be divided into...
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    Ireland: Majority of People Hospitalized for Covid are Fully Vaxed

    The inevitable triumph of Total Fascism.
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    Small Businesses Won’t be Able to Manage Biden Mandate (Coincidentally Beneficial to Big Business)

    Lads, we just need to "reimagine" capitalism as communism and everything with go back to normal. Uncle Klaus said so.
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    Disheveled Slob Boris Johnson to Cancel Vax Pass

    The only thing the left-of-centre and right-of-centre globalists disagree on is how quickly to boil the frog. Britain has had a succession of "conservative" governments - what have they actually conserved? We've been on the same trajectory for decades. The whole "QR codes are clumsy"...
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    Tennessee: Outrage After Parents Laugh at Fag-Boy Mask-Lover

    Clearly used to people behind him doing something else.
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    Disheveled Slob Boris Johnson to Cancel Vax Pass

    This was also, in the short-term at least, a 'scare' tactic aimed at young people (the most vaccine hesitant group by far). "Go get your jabs or you'll never go to a nightclub with greasy skanks ever again". They've probably taken it as far as they can, at least in the current phase. And...
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    Greasy Sluts at the Beach Lash Out Against Righteous Man Who Called Their Bikinis “Pornographic”

    In a normal healthy Western society, these hoes would be policed by other women. Not some lone guy who already lost because he got in an argument with a woman. The implication of not following basic rules of decency would be public shaming and social ostracization. Which is the worst possible...
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    California Moves to Make It Illegal to Remove Condom During Sex Without Notifying Women

    This is all part of the war against fertility. Now, if for the past 50 years it was mainly a war against white fertility, now it seems to be accelerating towards human fertility full stop. Probably this is because the demographic momentum carrying whites to minority status in their own countries...
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    Kim Loses Weight, Looks Great

    Seriously thought this was going to be about Kim Dot Com.