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    Austria Plans to Jail Unvaccinated People, Leak Reveals

    Bullshit, I'm an hobo and have 3, I think in 2022 I will get another one after you get your license you need 400 euros to have a decent gun a pump action shotgun, and used 9mm semiauto like glock you are in Finland and you have the finest mosin nagant rifles at your disposal
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    WATCH: CNBC’s Jim Cramer Says US Gov. Should Use MILITARY To FORCE Unvaccinated To Get Vaxed

    LOOKS HIS HANDS, LOOK HIS HANDS, happy merchant's
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    My brother got vaxxed then severe COVID

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    The Fall of King Elmer

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    Halo: Infinite Live Action Trailer - POC Women For No Reason Whatsoever

    No matter how do you look good in uniform when the people under your command gonna die in horrible ways