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    Haitian President Assassinated at Home

    Has the possibility of voodoo being involved been looked into? I am limiting my research on this event on account of the bad juju surrounding it.
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    Surfside tower collapse: 'Zero' hope of finding survivors

    So what exactly is the deal here, they demolished the rest of the building before clearing the rubble with people in it? They lack the machinery to pick up big rocks?
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    Patriot Front Marched over 200 people In Philadelphia at City Hall 06/03

    They have work to do if they are, the footage so far is... not so good. Groups of 20 PF guys getting pressed hard by 5 blacks and a white woman. I get you can't be cool like RAM or the Proud Boys and beat the shit out of opposition but looking at the body language of the kids I'm not sure it...
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    Peak Female Attractiveness

    I’m not so picky, certainly I would hold down and fill up either one.
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    Patriot Front activist redecorate the George Floyd mural Philidelphia, PA

    It all looks very cool and I don’t think they’re feds but it does seem pretty pointless. I almost joined but my friend who is in advised me not to because it’s mostly “just for fun” and you can have fun without joining a group. They talk a lot about revolution but I don’t see a revolution...
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    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chernobyl — Gameplay Trailer

    You guys should try Anomaly if you haven’t, stand alone mod (you don’t need to own any of the games) that boosts graphical fidelity and combines all of the maps throughout the series into one big zone. It’s sandbox-y with dynamic quests so it might feel aimless to some but I love it...
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    The Focus Should be on Stripping Democrat Governors of Their Lockdown Powers/Medical Freedom/ & Pointing out that the "Pandemic" was a Global Fraud

    Dem constituents wouldn’t go with it. 90% of them think the lockdowns are good and you will not be able to convince them that the virus is bunk.
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    Is the Toyota Solara a gay car?

    I don’t think I’ll buy another car that isn’t from the Panther Platform (2003+) unless I’m rich and can afford a like new Grand National. Those things make 90 feel like going 50. Pretty bulletproof too. You just have to be okay with owning an old person car and account for not great gas mileage...
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    Far Cry 6: Worldwide Gameplay Reveal

    I like Far Cry 2 because it feels like S.T.A.L.K.E.R. in Africa, in that it's almost like the devs wanted to punish people for playing lol. I can't play the other ones for very long before getting bored and quitting.
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    Price of gold and silver flying, cryptos too

    I pulled out initial investment and then some when LINK hit 20 and am letting the rest ride, BTC and some alts + a couple low MC shitcoins. Worst case I doubled my net worth so I can't be mad. Might pull out if I come across property that I want to buy, but otherwise I'm in it for the long haul.
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    There’s Only One Breed of Dog: The Dog Breed

    They were bred for dogfighting, though. It’s true that a vigilant owner can rear them to be safe for the most part, but there’s no escaping that it’s in their blood to attack and maim. Generations of horrible breeding by blacks ain’t doing them favors either.
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    There’s Only One Breed of Dog: The Dog Breed

    Rotties are also very popular with blacks which is likely why they’re number 2, though unlike pit bulls they weren’t bred to kill and are (thankfully) harder to obtain for them.
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    NATO Ukrainians Stage March Honoring the Nazi SS

    The super based neonazis in Azov push the same retarded satanic terrorism shit the FBI pushes via Atomwaffen and The Base. Actually I recall Atomwaffen members getting busted trying to fly over to help kill the enemies of the US government. I’ve heard that members of a completely non violent...
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    Charlie Kirk and The Piercing Darkness of the Evangelical Singles Mingle

    Totally. I grew up resenting Christianity pretty heavily because every church where I grew up was hanging some sort of fag flag, which is ridiculous (someone being put off from church because they the person] believe gays are sick). It actually wasn’t really until I started listening to JLP that...
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    Police Prepping for White Supremo Rallies Around the Country

    “Rallies” announced weeks in advance organized in public chats, nice! The only ones that took place were in Los Angeles and Mass. Los Angeles was a handful of skinheads and Klansmen, Mass was NSC131 (pretty much Attomwaffen / The Base part 3, obvious informant group). Hopefully the lack of...