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    LOL - Soldiers turned their backs on Biden’s post-inauguration motorcade procession!

    They weren't showing disrespect. They were afraid of being turned to stone if they gazed upon the face of Medusa.
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    Streaming DISASTER! Nearly 60% Of Customers Leave Disney +, HBO Max & Netflix This Year!

    The Biden regime will save them by requiring all public school students to watch their propaganda. There's a reason they call it "programming".
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    Trump Will Strike at the Last Possible Second

    But not a good movie, with John Wayne directed by drunken Irishman John Ford. More like a modern movie that doesn't even bother to cover up the talmudic programming with a thin veneer of white actors and Christian values.
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    DC weirdness 1/20/21

    That was supposed to be Bernie? Doesn't look nearly decrepit enough.
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    The Silencing Hannity Segment

    We could try to find a more effective (but still normie-friendly) way to call them out than "international bankers" or "European-style socialists". But once the Biden-Harris regime gets rolling, the reality may become more obvious to even "our greatest ally" conservatives.
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    The Silencing Hannity Segment

    If you don't shut them out from the start, they'll end up on both sides and turn the whole thing to their advantage.
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    Tomorrow, We Mourn the Death of America

    Basic black, or the Jolly Roger?
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    Github's New HR Policy: Never Criticize Jews, Always Disparage Whites

    How could you be the head of HR at a jewed company like that and not understand such a basic principle? Chosen cannot be fired, only hired.
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    I'll never vote for stupid over evil again. In fact, I'll never vote for anyone or anything in this corrupt system ever again.
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    And Then They Came for the Christians

    A lot worse. No tolerance campaigns. No prosecution of "hate crimes" committed against us. No constitutional rights.
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    Biden To Plunge The Knife Into America's Skull On Day One. Will Provide Path Of Citizenship To Illegals

    There are far more than 11 million illegal aliens in the United States. But what good are they now? Vote tallies are about as real as the Covid-19 infection numbers, so they don't really need them for winning elections. And if Uncle Joe raises the if the minimum wage, the brown horde won't be...
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    For Those About to Heal: We Salute You!

    If you want a vision of the future, imagine an obese sheboon ooking and eeking in a white male face - forever.