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    dead whore returns from 30 year dirt nap to destroy family mans life.

    I actually got interviewed by the cops about this case, cuz 'm tendin' bar there at Ecklund and Swedlin's last Tuesday, and this little guy's drinkin' and he says, "So where can a guy find some action? I'm goin' crazy out there at the lake." And I says, "What kinda action?" and he says, "Woman...
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    Does anyone realize whenever Nick describes what he wants in a woman he always says "Italian", but he completely describes Hispanic, specifically Mexican women? He honestly should just go that route. Mexican women are kino, DGAF if that makes me a bad internet Nazi
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    Well as an Alt-Right figure and a member of the Groyper Illuminati, I'll admit my fetish about her:
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    I believe it was "Tree of Life", I don't remember her having a dominatrix website, but I do remember her debate with Mike Enoch being the root of the "DA JOOOOS" meme that hung around a little bit Edit: Tree of Logic was the chicks name Here's the debate:
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    🦠Get ready for new virus from China that causes liver and kidney failure— Langya henipavirus spreading in Shandong and Henan provinces

    I have rendered my liver absolutely sterilized, no germ can defeat it. I keep it regularly cleaned with 7&7s, good luck Chinaman shrew, your virus is but a wee babe compared to the power of my combination of $14/fifth whiskey and high fructose corn syrup laden carbonated beverage artificially...
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    US Army Developing Tactical Bra for Women Soldiers

    Bruh, the women in the top image. The "we're tough" scowl. Like bitch, go learn to properly season a pot roast, quit trying to look hard. These hoes need a tactical mouth fucking to get em to drop that attitude
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    Media Claims Alex Jones Will Have to Pay $45.2 Million Extra to Sandy Hoaxsters

    Damn dude you're so fucking hardcore and cool
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    Abortion ban: Maybe not so good?

    I don't think killing babies is good. I live on a farm and I've had to put down sickly young animals before and it makes my stomach sick and I feel bad when I do it, even though I have to. The idea of killing a baby, be it a white or a nigger or a Chinaman or a Mexican, would be infinitely worse...
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    Media Claims Alex Jones Will Have to Pay $45.2 Million Extra to Sandy Hoaxsters

    I love some people are such fucking babies they will side with the fucking Soros-backed Travis County DA and the entire kritarchy because Alex Jones despite exposing 95% of the global elite power structure and being famous for doing so, because HE DON'T NAME THE JOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Like for fuck's...
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    UN declares war on ‘dangerous’ conspiracy theories: ‘World is not secretly run by elites’

    "The world is not secretly run by elites" -Secret world elites
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    ‘It felt so powerful’: how I was seduced by the UK’s far right

    Oi mate I fot 'at if me 'ated wigs enuf, ingerlund migh' be white again. Now I loike choggin' off a big hot steamain pipe of Asian in my arsehole. Me parents voted Labour in 1968, whichy the exac sameathing avoting Labour in 2022. (Transcribed in a combination of the Yorkshire, London Cockney...
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    Video: Decrepit Shabbos Goy Dick Cheney Comes Out of the Woodwork To Savage Trump In Campaign Ad For Cunt Daughter

    Trump is a piece of shit and he didn't single handedly take down the entire entrenched federal bureaucracy by himself and he's a kikesucker and I'm not a mental child
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    A Dream I Had

    Yeah our elites play around with weird NWO schemes that are just strings of gay buzzwords put together while the elites in other countries do equally dystopian but objectively cool shit like build line cities. The closest thing we get to this is some new modernist outlet mall with an outdoor...
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    A Dream I Had

    My dreams: My brother who at some point turns into my great grandfather, and I play a board game in my grandma's kitchen in her old farmhouse before I drive back to the house I lived in when I was 20 and have sex with my next door neighbor's girlfriend and then immediately feel guilty before...
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    Vax Alert: DNA Testing Can Be Used to Target and Kill People, American Lawmakers and Military Experts Warn

    I took one, but I think I'm safe because my ancestry traces back to Cuck Island and the crown jewel of Cuckery: Sweden. I will never be suspected! I mean for real though, it's not like there is a gene you can track for being against the government in its current form, any bio weapon they make to...