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    📢Firefighters and Police Officers Break Into Cheers and Applause as Trump Makes Surprise Visit to NYC on 20th Anniversary of 9/11 (VIDEO)

    No. If you don't mind, they're FIREMEN, not "firefighters". One thing we'll have to do if we get power, is to cancel the PC language immediately.
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    Please pray for me, brothers, I just committed a terrible sin

    Is this post some kind of joke? If you've had sex for the first time, er... congratulations, I guess - as long as it wasn't with the Catholic priest.... You cannot be this stupid to have posted a confession about losing your virginity on this forum?
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    DoD flying in 30,000 Afghani refugees "immediately"

    I hope the Taliban prevent "it" from leaving. We're soon going to be bombing countries that don't go along with the tranny issue and gender pronouns. I hate to see the military perverted into a Cult Marx enforcement brigade.
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    DoD flying in 30,000 Afghani refugees "immediately"

    No, they're not goat fuckers. They prefer little boys, and leave the goats alone.
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    Taliban Spokesman: NO AFGHANS will Be Allowed to Leave Country

    Our supposedly populist Brexit government has really exposed itself with the Afghan refugee nonsense. We are literally hunting down every last Afghan who wants to live in Britain in order to fly them here. Don't forget 50% of rapes in Austria are by Afghan refugees. The terrorist attack on the...
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    Things are Going Back to "Normal"

    I would like to think things are going back to normal, but in England it appears unlikely we'll get the old normal back, as vaccine passports will be required for pubs, clubs and university lecture halls. They're even talking about whether we'll need vaxx passports for supermarkets.
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    Tokyo 2020 Olympics sparks rise in vile anti-LGBT slurs on Russian TV with transgender athletes called an ‘abomination’

    The NZ weirdo is most definitely an abomination. This sort of thing is a "shit test" for society. If we accept this, we're done.
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    Vaxxer Richard Trumka dead from vaxx

    There is no evidence his heart attack has any connection with the vaxx. On the other hand, this man's career, including bringing race into the AFLCIO, means that his "loss" is in fact no loss.
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    Third police officer who responded to Jan. 6 attack dies by suicide

    Yes, could be a Mossad assassination.
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    Our Movement Should Only be Being Against a "VaxPass". Every other issue is Minor in Comparison

    I'm against immigration, multi-cultural, feminism, gay rights and the trangender lobby as well - the vaccine passports could lead us into a surveillance state that prevents us from discussing any of those, but we have a broader agenda than the vaccine passports issue alone.
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    The French Don't Quit! LARGER Crowds this Saturday!

    unfortunately, it is Great Britain that is known as Cuck Island - the real pussies are on our side of the Atlantic. We never had any gilets jaunes here.
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    Did jews just blow up the OG Zyklon B factory in Leverkusen, Germany?!

    The troubl is it's not happening. There haven't been a quarter of a million deaths from the vaccine.
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    Did jews just blow up the OG Zyklon B factory in Leverkusen, Germany?!

    I pointed to Greg Johnson as a recognised WN at the high IQ end of the spectrum. Admittedly, he is not very representative of the right. The former TWP is more representative, sadly.
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    Did jews just blow up the OG Zyklon B factory in Leverkusen, Germany?!

    250,000 deaths from the vaccine in the US? That is nonsense and crazy - and the Dissident Right needs to shake off loons like this.
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    Did jews just blow up the OG Zyklon B factory in Leverkusen, Germany?!

    Zucker, you can either take part in rational debate or you can't. I said there is no reason to think the government is trying to kill the population off, and you reply with a totally different point, on the biosecurity state. If you can't notice the point an interlocutor is making and don't...