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    NSM leader Burt Colucci arrested for aggravated assault

    Exactly!!! Why are Nazis so far these days? The only fat Nazi I remember was Schultz from Hogan's Heros 😅
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    Nextdoor launches the anti-racism notification - next level libtard shit

    Do you think they will flag me if I type "go fuck yourself nigger"?
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    War On Nicotine Heats Up: Biden Considering Rule To Cut Nicotine In Cigs

    I never trusted the patch although I never tried it either. I can throw a dip in and leave it there for an hour. My buddies go through handfuls of smokes in the same amount of time. As a bonus, I don't smell like I just walked out a corner bar.
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    War On Nicotine Heats Up: Biden Considering Rule To Cut Nicotine In Cigs

    Throw a dip in your lip, G. It's cheaper and lasts longer. I pretty much live on wintergreen snuff
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    Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Dixie

    That's EXACTLY the problem. And...words aren't going to fix the problem
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    Derek Chauvin Trial Verdict: Security Beefed Up Across Nation Ahead of Possible Unrest

    🤞🤞🤞 not guilty 🤞🤞🤞
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    Minnesota National Guard, Police Team Targeted In Drive-By Shooting Hours After Maxine Waters Incites BLM Protesters

    Of course, nothing will happen to the boon. I hate to keep saying it but if we don't take matters into out own hands, we will be consumed by ape city.
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    Memetic Monday: post memes here

    Let me know how the future asskicking goes for you 😉
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    Memetic Monday: post memes here

    How's bouts we trade that gay bowtie for some rope?
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    MANHUNT: Former Travis County detective a suspect in deadly northwest Austin shooting

    Nigger detective? I thought that was only on tv😅. Must be a very slim gene pool in Travis County.
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    “She’s one of those anti-mask people” Judge says of Mom who lost custody: Courts Use Flimsy COVID Violations To Take Kids From Parents

    Hey jewboy cohen.... I've connected through charlotte airport 🤮 three times in the last five weeks and I feel friggin phenomenal. Long layovers in that apeport had absolutely no effect on me so go f yourself 🖕
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    Watch: Good Boy Shoots Cops with AK-47 While Another Pulls AK-47 in Subway Station

    Maybe he put 7.62x25mm by mistake 🤣
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    6 shot, 1 dead after gunfire at Ohio anti-gun violence vigil

    Nah G. Just your average nig night out😉
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    1 Year Old Niglet Shot After Mother Gets In Gun Fight With Older Niglets

    I didn't read the whole article. Is there a downside to this?😉