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    Police watchdog: give violence against women same priority as terrorism

    Are we talking about white on white violence against women or the usual Arab shit in parts of Londonstan? If it's any brown skins doing it to other browns, it shouldn't count in the statics.
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    Dutch are world’s tallest people – but they’re shrinking, study shows

    Seriously? There must be a lot of midget niggers to balance out the seven foot ones🤣. Unless they're counting niggers as actual "Dutch"
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    Top university athlete sends a message from his hospital bed to warn against vaccination

    So much for turning pro now😢. Hopefully he makes a comeback and can make a living from golf. It's still a great white sport at the professional level 👍. Unless you're female...then you have to compete against some hot Asians 😛
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    New York Governor: ‘Two year-old toddlers must wear masks at daycare’

    With what they're teaching now, even at the preschool level, keep your kids home. They're safer being home with a book of matches and a gas can than they are with "teachers"
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    Internet Brutally Mocks Guardian Newspaper After They Name 80 Year Old Anthony Fauci ‘Sexiest Man Alive’

    Are we positive his name is really Fauci? Is it possible that it's Fauberg, Faustein or Goldenfau?
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    Enraged parents demand to know why ‘p*dophilia’ is being made available in Texas schools to 4th graders

    💣 everyone here 🔪 knows my solution ⛏️ but I can't voice it 🔨 without a possible ban 🏹 Have a safe and happy weekend everyone 😁
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    Food inflation in Biden’s economy will continue to rise into the foreseeable future as supply chain collapse worsens

    GO LONG ON RAMEN NOODLES!!! Ramen will be new crypto within 5yrs. People will be sucking dick for a 20¢ bag of dried noodles 😉
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    Colorado teachers could face 1 year in prison, + 5K fine for ignoring mask mandates

    Hit the nail right on the head my brother. I had virtual meetings all last year with my school district and I swear they we're all 10lbs fatter by the next time I logged in.
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    The Next "Crisis" the Global Elite Have Planned

    We still have the 3%ers my man.... We'll be just fine 🤣🤣🤣
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    Actor Jeff Daniels: White Americans Suffering from Blindness to Racism Must Get Educated So We Can ‘Welcome in a New America’

    God I hate whites that do this shit. Just STFU and go on with life. You don't actually give a fuck except for a possible career booster 🖕
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    Med school to host ‘body terrorism on fat LGBTQ+ people’ seminar

    Obese + gay=🤣🤣🤣 Sprinkle in a little AIDS and you got a hat trick😁
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    Labeling the founding documents ‘offensive’ is just the beginning of the National Archives’ spiteful plans

    Written by white men for white men!!! Why are people having trouble understanding this? Once again, if you don't like the US constitution then please read other countries constitutions and feel free to move there😉
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    ‘Enough is enough': Lawmaker pushes state to SECEDE from Biden's America

    🤣🤣🤣 Completely forgot that one
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    Germany: Bunch of Retards Go on Hunger Strike to Protest Politicians Not Fighting Against Cow Farts

    Always pay in cash!!! No trail except for the ATM receipt 😁