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    @diedsuddenly Dies Suddenly

    I've spent the last three days stripping out some of James hardie's finest. Horrible stuff, no matter how careful you are and how closely you follow the current standards for removal, it gets everywhere. These fuckers knew from the 20's that it's carcinogenic and kept producing it. It beggars...
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    Germany: 101-Year-Old Gets 5 Year Sentence for “Complicity” to 3,518 Deaths

    You're right, I forgot about Katyin. Another one to add to the long list. Sorry to any polish brothers for forgetting.
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    Germany: 101-Year-Old Gets 5 Year Sentence for “Complicity” to 3,518 Deaths

    Still waiting for the jewish Bolsheviks to be brought to justice for their documented mass killings of Russians, Ukrainians, Latvians etc. etc. Not holding my breath tho.
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    Prostate Cancer Isn't Real (Don't Trust Your Doctor)

    Take it for what it's worth but my own irl experience with others who've had prostate problems suggests he's full of shit. They all have the same symptoms, difficult / slow and painful urination being the most common as the prostate controls urination flow and produces seminal fluid iirc. My own...
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    Prostate Cancer Isn't Real (Don't Trust Your Doctor)

    Yeah, I'm not sure we can blame the kikes on this one, though the treatment can certainly be fucked with by them. I know of two guys irl that died of prostate cancer. In fact, I think prostate cancer kills more men than breast cancer kills women but guess which one you hear more about.
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    Woman arrested after video shows her 'eating family hamster in exchange for crack’

    Amateur. Change orifices and what happened to the hamster is just a regular Friday night thing in fag households.
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    Denise Richards is following her teenage daughter onto OnlyFans

    What do old women have between their tits that young women don't? A: their belly button. If you're into washed up probably STI riddled old skanks, have at it lads. I guess...
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    Netflix Hemorrhaging Money, Adding Ads, Cracking Down on Password Sharing

    The only decent show I've seen on Netflix apart from the squid game (which I thought it was quite good) was a show called Bloodlines. Very little diversity and a good story line. Inexplicably, they cancelled it before the third season (iirc) citing poor viewer ratings. Given the rest of their...
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    @diedsuddenly Dies Suddenly

    Governments always protect big business unless it's something particularly egregious. Here in Oz, when Asbestos containing materials were banned the government alowed James Hardie, the primary manufacturer of asbestos sheeting to sell remaining stocks of the sheeting after the ban. It turns out...
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    Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Tells Reporter To ‘Go Back To Your Country’

    The US population is roughly four times larger, so effectively, the murder rate is the same per capita. I'd also like to see the stats on murderer demographics for the UK and see if there was any similarities.
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    Single Mother of Five Publicly Humiliates 12-Year-Old Son for Disrespecting Wahmen

    Amen to that. And damn, there's a lot of them.
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    Now there are diesel shortages. Hell is about to break loose.

    I paid $2:30 AUD a litre for diesel here yesterday. A full 20cents a litre dearer than 91 octane petrol, which is insane considering historically diesel has always been cheaper than petrol. Shit is about to get lit bro's.
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    Russian soldier says they're fighting for the white race

    If this is the unspoken belief behind Russia's actions, my crippled arse is 100% on team Ruski. Get the job done in Ukraine Putin, then arm nationalists in the west.
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    UK: Government Dumps 1500 Rapefugees on Tiny Village of 700

    TPTB really seem committed to goading a response from whitey, though I'm not sure they'll ever get one. Would be a real shame if all the buildings on the former military installation were to mysteriously burn down.