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    Antifa Chat Loga have been Leaked

    Activating the autism brigade now
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    Ambitious mod aims to turn Fallout: New Vegas into Star Wars

    Mount and Blade niggas be like "Yeah and?"
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    In Persona 4 you save a tomboy from undergoing sex reassignment surgery.

    Ummmm... aktually... Kanji's shadow is an exaggeration of the type of person he really is but does not want to be seen as. The polar opposite of what society expects him to be and that which he portrays himself; a selfish, beligerrent bully. Kanji is not gay, he just likes knitting.
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    Rimworld Ideology Expansion and Update 1.3 Announced, Launches “in About 2 Weeks”

    Bruh don't give (((Paradox))) any ideas
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    Why is Britain Openly Trying to Start a War with the Chinese?

    Honestly, just a change in scenary
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    Why is Britain Openly Trying to Start a War with the Chinese?

    Lowkey supporting war with China and regime change in Cuba solely for the reason that nothing like this has happened since I was born
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    War Thunder fan says tank is inaccurate, leaks classified military documents to prove it

    I swear, War Thunder fans are the most autistic gamers on Earth War Thunder niggas the type of people to dig up their late grandfather to ask if the muzzle velocity of War Thunder's hispano 20mm cannons are accurate when fired at 4km or if it's just an another example of Gaijin's Russian bias
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    Someone Finally Made a Pregnant Man Emoji

    Reject modernity; Embrace Tradition
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    Far-Right Extremist Finds an Ally in an Arizona Congressman

    This article is so fucking bad omfg this stupid bitch spends paragraphs hyping Nick as some type of Hitler figure and then the image they have of him literally has a black groyper in the foreground, like bitch are you even trying??
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    Slovenian President Says EU has “Imaginary Values” Incapable of Sustaining a Social Order

    This reminds me of something Nicholas J. Fuentes said while watching some video essay made by some Rand Individualist; something along the lines of: