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    White Boy Summer 2022 (Music Thread)

    Hyper-obscure Japanese funk rock bands are my new thing
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    Glorious PC Gaming Race changed its name over claims of racism

    I remember reading /r/pcmasterrace in like 2014-15 and even then they were acting all gay with it. I'm surprised it's been this long
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    Austria: Burger King Sells Anal Poop Burgers to Celebrate Faggot Month

    > “As a gay person, this is the funniest thing I have ever seen and I don’t think I’ll ever stop laughing,” unacornium said on Monday. I'm not, faggot
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    Anime And Manga Thread

    I still shill Cyberpunk 2077 to this day I DO NOT REGRET PRE-ORDERING IT
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    "I was hounded out of school for ‘transphobia’"

    Fucked up what kids have to face in school nowadays, I remember writing about my time in high school and that shit was nothing compared to even the most mundane things today
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    You love to see it
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    Antifa Chat Loga have been Leaked

    Activating the autism brigade now
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    Ambitious mod aims to turn Fallout: New Vegas into Star Wars

    Mount and Blade niggas be like "Yeah and?"
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    In Persona 4 you save a tomboy from undergoing sex reassignment surgery.

    Ummmm... aktually... Kanji's shadow is an exaggeration of the type of person he really is but does not want to be seen as. The polar opposite of what society expects him to be and that which he portrays himself; a selfish, beligerrent bully. Kanji is not gay, he just likes knitting.
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    Rimworld Ideology Expansion and Update 1.3 Announced, Launches “in About 2 Weeks”

    Bruh don't give (((Paradox))) any ideas
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    Why is Britain Openly Trying to Start a War with the Chinese?

    Honestly, just a change in scenary
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    Why is Britain Openly Trying to Start a War with the Chinese?

    Lowkey supporting war with China and regime change in Cuba solely for the reason that nothing like this has happened since I was born