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    Matthew McConaughy Warns Against Jewish Hegemony

    Yes, he's a despicable white trash mick, that one!
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    Let's talk about Ice Cube

    Yes, with so much beautiful music written by White artists over the centuries, it defies the imagination how any self-respecting White person would be advanced by listening to nigra rap crap! Whatever it is, it ain't music!
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    Rock of the South

    good old rebel performed by an actual CSA veteran.
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    Buckle Up For A Racist Election! Roger Stone Calls Radio Interviewer A 'Negro'.

    I'm pretty sure the United Negro College Fund would disagree about that word being a 'slur'...!
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    Sheboons Chimp Out Over Delayed Flight

    1870s more like it.
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    Help! I Don’t Want My Fiancé’s Racist Sister as a Bridesmaid.

    Perhaps you should give your future sister-in-law a pass, because looking at her bruised toe which obviously had turned very black (not to mention horridly painful as well), she was probably just thinking of that famous nursery rhyme from back in the day. As I recall, it went like this: "Eenie...