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    Vaush estimates his audience to be approximately 10% pedophile

    Who the fuck is Vaush? I keep hearing about him in our circles but I have no idea who he is.
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    Azzmador update....

    So where in any of what they wrote in that legal document was an actual crime? It sounds like it amounted to “this guy talked to several people, and in those conversations they talked about not liking Jews and minorities.” There was not a single actual action of violence, intimidation, or...
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    CNN: Stop 'Doing Your Own Research' on Vaccines

    If people aren’t allowed to “do their own research” on medical issues, why are they allowed to “do their own research” on political ideas? It wouldn’t take much of an argument to conclude that political decisions, such as who is president, don’t net as many life and health consequences as...
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    This is making my brain hurt: "How we got COVID: We did everything right — and still got breakthrough cases"

    What an an incredible faggot. It always astonishes me how fucking pathetic these people are. Just agonizing and living in absolute fear. A real man faces death with a smile on his face. Not cowering behind a fucking mask. Also, lol at this fag just now realizing covid is going to be endemic...
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    ‘Fundamental Right’: Defiant Texas Doctor Goes Public About Abortion He Provided

    Imagine staking your entire life and reputation on murdering a baby to make a political point. These people are beyond disgusting.
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    Those Who Have Bought Chicken in the Last 10 Years Could Be Eligible for Payment

    Is anything more Jewish than this?
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    Oregon governor signs bill suspending math, reading proficiency requirements for HS graduates!

    What are you talking about. The person referenced in my post is obviously an intelligent and conscientious individual that cares deeply about implementing equitable society systems that bring down white supremacy and ensure justice for all—living up to our highest principles as a nation. It...
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    Doximity, a social network for doctors, is riddled with anti-vaccine comments

    I like how, without any hint of irony, all of these news agencies rely on open appeals to authority and circular reasoning to justify their points. “The vaccines are safe and effective because the CDC says the vaccines are safe and effective.”
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    Fauci Fears Variant Worse Than Delta is on the Horizon Because of Unvaccinated Americans

    The thing that confuses me is how no one is talking about natural immunity with all these vaccine passport and mandates cropping up. Shouldn’t natural immunity count the same as vaccination? Why do you need a vaccine if you have natural immunity? The results are the same. The benefit of...
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    23 Percent of Republican Men Have Favorable View of White Nationalists: Poll

    Breitbart is an absolute hell hole of nonstop jewish propaganda. I used to be able to tolerate it but now I just can’t stand it. It’s like every other article is feigning outrage over some liberal that doesn’t absolutely revere Israel.
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    Asian beats up black man

    Even if it’s a chink doing the work, it’s nice to see these niggers being put in their place.
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    "I Used To Be an Anti-Vaxxer"

    I see this kind of shit in popular media all the time and all I can ever think of is, “what’s the point?” Who is aimed at and what is trying to be achieved? It seems like the ostensible reason is to spread the good word of the vaxx, and to generally impel the recalcitrant to take a needle in...
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    Generation Zyklon: Liam Gallagher's Son and Ringo Starr's Grandson Facing Hates Peach Trial After Telling Streetshitter to Go Back to India

    I really wish more people would say this to these invaders. They need to be reminded everyday that they do not belong here and are not welcome. A few may try to live with the constant psychological pressure, but a majority of them will go back or not even try to move to our countries. And, in...
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    Planet Of The Apes ("Zuma Insurrection") Thread

    I wasn’t aware of the East Indian population in South Africa. Looks like they go hard.