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    “The Supreme Court Expressly Took Away a Constitutional Right From the American People”

    Look at these evil nefarious plans, secretly plotting to prevent baby murder. It's so damn sinister the way they want to prevent industrial-scale mutilation of the unborn! Very creepy stuff.
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    Jews Again Say Not Killing Babies is a Violation of Their Religion

    Good, now ban circumcision.
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    The Slutpocalypse is Already Happening

    It shows the sheer number of women who are totally ruined. This is the feminine energy that's constantly, aggressively pushing back against us fixing things.
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    Norway Cancels Anal Sex Parade After Islamic Attack

    Clown world is actually funny sometimes.
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    Zelensky to Fire the Head of His Security Services

    If the Russians lost this war we're be hearing about electric floors and wooden doors.
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    EU Accepts “Ukraine” Membership Candidacy

    Sounds like she just said what they're all thinking. The average European woman is only ever a few bad days away from murdering a baby.
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    Jordan Peterson Tweets Study Saying mRNA Coronavirus Vaccine Does More Harm Than Good

    That's the thing. A lot of people did this because the alternative was losing their only income during an economic crisis; I know people who did this to support their families.
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    Australia: Victoria Becomes First State to Ban Swastika

    Victoria is already the gayest Australian state so this doesn't surprise anyone.
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    I Was Shocked to Read a “Celebrity Dead at 31” Article That Wasn’t “Causes Unknown”

    It's relevant because giving women "freedom" is extremely cruel for all involved and nobody is even arguing it makes them happy any more. It's a cautionary tale nobody can miss. In the same way that debating leftists is primarily done for the benefit of third parties (because you're never going...
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    Teacher Tells 11-Year-Olds to Study Gay Blow Job Instruction Manual

    America really is "the great satan" isn't it? It's past the point of no return. You can't really claim it isn't when there's women giving their unwilling children to demon trannies at grooming parades.
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    “Jew American” Explains to the Idiot Goyim Trash That We are At War with Russia

    Tim Wise or possibly Noel Ignatiev.
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    Jew Attorney General Pops Up in Keev to Declare Loyalty to Jew Zelensky

    What's new? They're all dual citizens anyway.
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    One of Elon Musk’s Sons Changes Name, Decides He’s a Tranny

    Modern women are fully capable of killing their own children for attention; grooming them to be trannies is just par for the course.