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    The Continued Agenda to Promote Space Alien Visitation is Very Jewish

    I remember I had a friend who was a UFO nut and one of the funniest stories he told me was that aliens had visited decades ago but they had made many racist and anti kike statements, as if they were deeply baffled why we put up with inferior subspecies constantly working against us. When the...
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    Goofy One Hit Wonder Band Reunites After 22 Years to Play Revenge Song for Kamala Harris’ Jew Husband

    I just can't express how much I hated that song at the time and how disappointed I am that anyone involved in it is still alive. It truly is the perfect fit for this particular event, dragging this faggot out of obscurity to rub shit in our faces.
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    New Democrat Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen, pushing to end cryptocurrency.

    I don't think they can do anything about it but it's not shocking at all that they are going to try.
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    Thoughts on Marijuana?

    I think it has been a major contributing factor in causing my brother go insane, so I can't endorse it in any way. The strains that exist now are absurdly powerful and yet it coasts on the old reputation of being harmless.
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    Attention!!! Urgent!!! Breaking!!! Trump has pulled the trigger! Trump has pulled the trigger!!!

    LOL Beat me to it! Trump literally pardoned a member of house Harkonen, amongst all those horrible jews of course.
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    "It Begins" The Fed Trap of All 50 US Capitols Being Over-run With ARMED Protestors.

    What an absolute homosexual singularity. Just proving what a certain visionary writer has been saying all along, ie these absolute faggot clown posses are Feds through and through. That first picture... I don't know whether to laugh or cry, it feels like your optic nerves are catching GRIDS...
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    For Those About to Heal: We Salute You!

    The lack of a puke emoji is now officially an emergency. The crimes against aesthetics will never end and things like this prove it can always get worse. They will always be able to find an uglier niggerbitch than the one they abused you with last time.
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    Washington’s 2021 Lockdown is a Lot More Extreme Than Beijing’s 1989 Lockdown

    I feel like I could destroy all of these absolute faggots in a fistfight. So many fatties and/ or fat women, it's beyond pathetic. America should be ashamed of what a joke their military is, apparently it all hinges on some computer program now which allows them to coordinate into one giant...
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    Belle Delphine’s Personal Issues are Not Worse Than Anyone Else’s

    50 Shades of Grey is one of the best selling books of all time and the demographic that purchased it is close to 100% women. Basically, rape is only real if the man is ugly.
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    Ben and Jerry's Does a Fellow White People

    Ice cream machines are not that expensive and for the most part, you can use them to make delicious sorbet, since dairy is dodgy. When I was much younger and blissfully ignorant I ate quite a large amount of kike ice cream since it was kind of rare in the UK and only available at 7-11 in those...
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    Man who led capital hill protest is BLM

    I guess the only reasonable response to this story is simply this: SSSSHHHHEEEEEEEEIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!!!
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    Have You Guys Seen This Latest Neo-Nazi Shit?

    Spencer is the worst. I vaguely wonder what the takes from the TRS homos were, I wonder if anyone still hate listens to that wignat singularity.
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    Talk Show Radio Owner Will Fire Hosts who Dispute Election Results

    I am sure those kikes will resign out of principle, LOL.
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    QAnon Shaman on Hunger Strike Because the Jail Doesn’t Serve Organic Food

    I guess the real question at this point is whether the controlled opposition is really working out the way controlled opposition is supposed to. Seems debatable.
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    Yeah, it's hard to see anything but the worst possible outcome happening to the fat faced kikeblaster at this point.