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    Watch: London police barge in, interrupt Good Friday service as ‘unlawful under Coronavirus regulations’

    This is really mild for the British in terms of shutting down Catholics. I'm glad to see any resistance from Christians.
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    West Virginia MAGA rioter accused of buying bear spray used in Capitol attacks was turned into Feds by employee of his own deli

    I was just reading the yelp reviews for this guys restaurant. Most of the reviews came from this month and have been removed for TOS violations. The guy sounds cool.
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    Austin: White liberals call police on minority members of car club, labeling the event “scary” and a “display of toxic masculinity”

    Meanwhile 165 miles to the East... Women have been included. I don't think toxic masculinity is the problem here. Liberals really have their hands tied when it comes to making demands of brown and black people.
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    Millionaire Feels He Was Duped by OnlyFans Model

    A time share mogul feels duped and wants his money back 😅
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    Sports Gambling Warning

    Be the kang of the sportsbook. This is the ad that is being promoted in my area on billboards. I think this is the target audience.
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    Pentagon Declares War on Tucker Carlson

    The liberal order depends on institutions pretending to be or actually being apolitical. The military now has to defend their policy politically, when in the past they have simply implemented it. As formerly respected institutions have to defend themselves politically, people will not be...
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    It’s Time For The GOP to End Biden’s Capitol Occupation—Free countries do not turn their legislatures into armed camps

    The GOP was complicit and abandoned their own supporters. Some will do the we support the troops bit. Then the freedom caucus and Rand Paul tier Republicans will make this an issue. Call the Democrats tyrants and be outraged by this abuse of power. The troops at the Capitol is just a...
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    Fr. James Martin refers to God as ‘her,’ attacks so-called ‘damaging’ portrayal of God as man

    I don't really take anything seriously Fr. Martin says. He espouses liberal views, and Jews and secularists use his status as a Jesuit priest to promote their agenda.
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    My Kids Refused Their Inheritance. Here’s How We’re Giving It All Away.

    My thoughts exactly ! hmmm....maybe Jews ? This demonstrates a lack of self awareness, only achieved by Jews.
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    The Case of Transgender Athletes. Why Sports Aren't Fair and That's OK

    Transgenders competing in men's sports will be funnier than blacks on Facebook live. My hope is that they can get some policy in place to ruin women's sports.
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    Here's How They Stole the Election ... No it wasn't the fake paper ballots No it Wasn't the Mail in Ballots

    I agree They need a absolute raw emotion to accomplish this. The computer fraud presented so far looks like it can be sorted out and corrected easily. Either way a solid portion of the population gets riled up. Trump voters have to deal with the election being stolen from them, probably not...