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    Thot Patroller Arrested for MURDER After Dirty Slut Dies After Resisting Patrolling

    major flaw in article - any girl under the age of consent is an innocent flower who does not understand the nature of sex, so she can't possibly be a "thot" unless you are a pedo /s
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    Melinda Gates Saying She’s Divorcing Vaxxer Bill Because of His Relationship with Jeffrey Epstein

    Meh, the mossad could run up on that private island and kill everyone without a whimper. Melinda is probably just setting up a new demon lair
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    Ad Council Watch: Vaxx the Blaxx – Bio War Now!

    I'm ready for them to push harder. We are the unvaxable.
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    Meanwhile, In the Chinese State News…

    hecking authoritarian, anti-democratic, genocidal, aggressive, communist rats hell bent on taking over the world. ccp putting all our values at risk once again
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    University Students Suspended For Not Wearing Masks Outside Campus

    this is also why college girls are no longer fucking anyone, everyone loses.
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    Bill Gates' Wife Didn't Like Him Hanging Out with Jeffrey Epstein

    The media using the divorce to push the sexual aspect to cover up the Mossad operation once again
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    Discussing Theoretical Physics With a Retard? No, Just Talking To a Boomer Conservative.

    Many conservatards buckle when you bring up feminism and transexualism are spread across the globe by our government and their owners, the international corporations. This struck a nerve when I told this to the Boomer who was complaining about Chinese anti democracy influence a few weeks ago.
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    Klaus Schwab Calls For Global Health Pass Based on Implantable Microchip

    I have to say, I am grateful for Schwab's presentation as a textbook world supervillain.
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    Satanic Bill Gates releases genetically modified mosquitos on Florida

    seems like they want to punish florida and jewed their way into key west
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    NASA Atrocity Hoaxes Chinese Space Debris

    We didn't expect alot of things here in Klaus's virus hoax world
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    Continued Black and Jew Attacks on Asians Show That Asians are the Natural Allies of Whites

    I realized this friendship long ago and made comments about it on this board. It makes me sad that most conservative whites cannot see it because they are blinded by the jewsmedia.
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    UK’s Virus Regime Will Allow People to Hug Relatives

    The UK is ultra gay
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    Maryland: Wormlike Republican Governor Issues Pardon for Dead Black Rapists

    What a disgusting cretin this Maryland governor is
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    US Army Goes Full Anal in Preparation of War With Russia and China

    More of this and post haste Throwing fags and trannies into the fire, AND allowing a Chinese/Russian victory over ZOG? Very based.