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    Black Yoof Killed By Cop Live Uprising

    The photos of the mudshark family already look like A Wyatt Mann cartoons.
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    Zioclops Now Completely Blind After Retinal Detachment in Remaining Eye, Emergency Surgery

    This is like one of those comedy acts where the pirate with the patch gets his only good eye poked out and then starts walking around with 2 patches. poetic justice blind leading the blind
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    Is Godzilla vs King Kong the worst movie ever?

    I would rather just watch a japanese guy in a lizard costume do pro wrestling moves and smash up a tiny model city.
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    Black Yoof Killed By Cop Live Uprising

    Im just guessing a cat 2.5 chimpout that will tucker out relatively quickly. Cant have this reflecting too poorly on the new administration. The feds are gonna be in town handing out plenty of free drugs, kfc, and buckets of worthless paper money to satiate chimp anxiety.
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    Black Yoof Killed By Cop Live Uprising

    WHITE BOY SUMMER!!! Yea usually we have to wait till the summer came for the inevitable nigger civil disobedience. Its crazy how yearly nigger rioting season is now a thing. They dont pull this shit on the east coast so much because in the inner city all those businesses are owned by spics that...
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    Shaming traitorous sluts.

    Usually when I meet interracial couples I like to ask awkward questions the moment Im alone with the female. “So exactly whats going on here I dont get it?” I can almost feel the hairs on the females neck stand up 9/10 they instinctively know what they are doing. The rare 1/10 that dont...
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    Poll: Is is OK for white people to rob wealthy white liberals?

    Yes and they also deserve to be kicked when they are down. These people are sycophantic lackeys of an inhumane system that prioritize creature comfort over the well being of their fellow man. Taking from them is like looting the corpses of your enemies in rpg games you shouldnt feel anything...
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    Turns out Lil Nas X committed trademark infringement, and Nike ain't happy.

    Its probably just some theatre lawsuit where its settled out of court and the money is returned to Lil Gay Nig X. They are only doing this to protect their brand since normal people are disgusted by niggerfaggot.
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    Want our steak? no reefer stank!

    Asking for people to not act like a wild animal is racist now because its just assumed behavior that all non whites are gonna act like wild animals.
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    the Lil Nas X viddy

    Yea weve finally devolved to the point of gay niggers. No wonder normal people got excited over a failure band like The Strokes winning a grammy this year. People are dying for something that isnt gay niggers from outer space. Ironic how his name is lil Nas X “Hip Hop is Dead” indeed.
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    Pancho left lefty lo

    I actually like the avatar just because of this video
  12. LeonStJon suddenly discovers more about the James Field case than they expected

    James Fields after 419 years in the hyberbolic time chamber.
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    Things are going back to "normal".

    Ive had to go to this medical program every couple weeks and they flat out told me “I think things are going back to normal soon” Take what you will from that but I believe they are privy to info off limits to the public.
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    "Help! My Mother-in-Law Falsely Claims That COVID Killed Our 3-Year-Old."

    This reminds me of all the people that “knew someone who died at sandy hook”
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    Stupid shit liberals have an obsession with.

    I can understand this when I was in Marseille it was like being MOBBED by nonwhites I had never seen bigger crowds of muslims/blacks in my life. There wasnt any breathing room. Whilst America might have more non whites you just get a different feeling in europe because there is no fucking space...