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    It’s Decision Time: Ride or Die or Surrender to the Beast

    >Believers need to understand, however: if you take this vaccine, and submit to this Beast System, then you are permanently severing your connection to God. You are surrendering your soul to the Beast, and it will own you. There is no going back from it. The decision will be final. André, I...
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    “I Absolutely Would Classify Them as Terrorism” – British Boomers Investigate I.N.C.E.L.

    >The government source said teachers should be encouraged to incorporate discussions about incel culture within the topics, with Williamson endorsing the “key point” that teachers had the flexibility allowing them to do so. >A spokesperson for the government said: “Schools play a crucial role...
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    If There’s Any Confusion as to Why I Support a ZOG Defeat in Afghanistan, I Don’t Understand It

    It would appear that the Taliban are tapped in to a certain men's health writer's views on testosterone and masculinity being linked to what a man eats, because they roundly refused the Great Satan's best attempts to foist soy into their diet, and this despite US taxpayers paying $34.4 million...
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    Incel??? Mass Shooting in England! (What About Gun Control Tho?)

    As you will see in this video, the UK state is working very hard to frame dispossessed young white men as a domestic terror threat, and they are not being subtle about it. "This Morning" (the name of the show, on ITV) is the most popular morning show. It is primarily aimed at housewives, and has...
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    WaPo Announces That It’s Time to “Prove” You’re Vaxxed – It’s Just an App, Bro
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    WaPo Announces That It’s Time to “Prove” You’re Vaxxed – It’s Just an App, Bro
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    France: Macron Announces Mandatory Digital Vaccine Certificate for Shops, Trains, Cafes, And More

    Hang in there bb ; While I'm here, any fella from Florida or Texas interested in a trad-bride ? please DM me, URGENT.