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    Thoughts on Marijuana?

    I've never smoked pot or used any other non-alcohol/nicotine drugs, all my friends starting using pot in high school and always tried to get me to smoke too but I always declined and now they're all in college and hardcore drug addicts, I watched that shit destroy them basically. This isn't...
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    Goodbye Trump. QAnon is over. MAGA people angry at Q, GOP, Pence and women. MAGA people realize the Republic has fallen, calling for secession

    Today I spoke on the phone with a female family member who informed me that she deregistered as a republican, is never voting again and said that "democracy is a failed sham". I know its just an anecdote but even a month ago I would've never thought this person would say anything like that, I...
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    Trump Gives Farewell Speech (Mixed Reviews)

    The illegitimate Biden Regime has taken over the United States government via mass voter fraud and is engaging in an authoritarian crackdown against even minor dissent, implementing restrictions upon the freedom of movement of all citizens and is planning further measures to strengthen its...
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    A COVID Genocide in the Americas?

    Remember this, if nothing changes this is how they're going to frame Trump as Hitler 2.0 in the history books.
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    Jew Sweet’N Low Inventor Finally Dead

    Who the fuck even uses this shit? Like nigga if you're that desperate for a sugar fix just eat real sugar, it tastes better and is actually something you could classify as edible
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    Donald Trump Issues Terrible Statement, Condemns Capitol Patriots, Surrenders to Democrats

    When I watched the Fong stream yesterday I felt ashamed of myself for having basically fled the US a few months before the election out of fear that Biden would win through fraud and put me in a FEMA camp, now after this horrible speech I'm certain I made the right call.
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    Youtube male dating coaches and relationship advisors...

    Women don't understand religion at all, to them Christianity is about a magic guy called Jesus and his old bearded dad named God who will punish you if you do bad things and reward you if you do good things (depending on denomination they may also believe in a pantheon of other gods that help...
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    Nick Fuentes suggested we should stop paying taxes if the election results were allowed to stand.

    Your tax dollars do not pay for anything that's not how modern governments work for the most part. The government takes the money you pay in taxes and essentially throws it into a furnace, they don't say this openly because it would make the average person feel like they're being robbed pointlessly.
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    23andMe "AFTER UPDATE". May I stay, fam?

    You should be worried about the fact that you're a black as bog potato nigger and not your superior pharaoh genes
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    “My Human Rights” – Outrage Over Thai Boy Threatened with Prison for Insulting King

    Can we stop referring to 16 year olds as "boys" or "children". This Thai student is not some innocent sweet babe who has no idea what he's doing or what the world is like, hes a grown adult whose actively supporting the destruction of his society by hostile outsiders and he knows it.
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    Shaping a New Generation of Slaves: Microplastics Found in the Placentas of Unborn Infants

    Even if there's nothing I can do to prevent this microplastic crap from screwing up my hypothetical unborn children I'm still going to have kids when I can, the idea of my kids coming out of the gate at a disadvantage because of all these chemicals is just disgusting though.
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    Shaping a New Generation of Slaves: Microplastics Found in the Placentas of Unborn Infants

    Is there anything that a man can do to prevent his babies from being plastic cyborgs? I already avoid plastic as much as possible and would make any female I want to have children with do the same but is it enough? I want to be a father someday more than anything but I'm terrified of my children...
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    Eddie Van Halen is Finally Dead!

    I'm sure I've heard some Van Halen songs on the radio but honestly they're all so not memorable I can barely even name one much less remember the lyrics, to me its just generic boomer music.
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    Now Kyrgyzstan is Also Rioting and Burning Down Government Buildings

    It seems the protesters sprung the previous president out of jail, that guy was pro russia and actually kicked the US military out of the country whereas this guy being protested seems more pro US so maybe this riot is actually fine?
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    France Preparing to Reenter Into Total Lockdown

    Any country that bans homeschooling is not a place a family can live in my opinion, if I was french I would seriously be considering moving