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    Her dad had a bigger rack than she did
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    Nicki Minaj is Smarter Than AWFLs and Literally My Hero

    "around blacks, never relax" applies to everybody--Jews included
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    Breaking: Trump asking Georgia to decertify 2020 Presidential election, “announce the true winner”-Gateway Pundit believes GA, AZ soon to flip

    SCOTUS will refuse to hear it, if it even gets that far, which it won't This is a pointless distraction, and Trump is really starting to get on my nerves
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    ✔️ Probable federal agents tried to look the part at September 18 ‘21 ‘Justice for J6’ Capitol rally 😂

    Wrong. Jean shorts should be made by cutting off a pair of regular jeans, and the proper length should be somewhere between the examples that these two gentlemen are sporting. However, if you attempt to wear this classic style today, you may generate a certain amount of unwanted attention
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    So Australia Wants the American Subs Instead…

    That's why they're secret, duh If you knew about them, they'd be doing it wrong
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    Pfizer Moving to Vax American Infants Very Soon

    But he that shall scandalize one of these little ones that believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone should be hanged about his neck, and that he should be drowned in the depth of the sea.--Matthew 18:6
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    Dive bars have really taken a dive

    prolly just got done fucking some dude in the parking lot Anyway that was a nice little slice-of-life story that made an accurate snapshot of a very particular moment in time and space
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    Nicki Minaj is Smarter Than AWFLs and Literally My Hero

    Black Privilege is real, any white celebrity tweeting like this would have caught a ban before they could have pushed "send" on the third tweet in this rant. But now the Jews have a real conundrum on their hands.
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    Australia Rises Up! Give Us FREEDOM!

    What a surprise. 1. He's a doctor of psychology, not a medical doctor 2. He styles himself as an expert in "men's mental health" 2. He's a disgusting Jew
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    Doctors Say They Have No More Compassion for Unvaccinated Americans

    Fix a few words here and there and she starts to make sense “We’re having to work through all of that in the face of navigating brainwashed patients who would rather poison themselves [with experimental gene-therapy shots masquerading as vaccines that haven’t been tested] than help with a...
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    Top Atomwaffen Satanist Exposed as Well-Paid FBI Informant!

    He allegedly got rich in the 80s/90s-era tech industry, retired young, and now lives off a real estate portfolio. That's the story anyway.