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    Renting to Joggers : Landlord Talks To Basketball American Gentleman About Rental Expectations

    That video was top cringe. The jogger is the hero of that tale. I want to hall of cost the host of that.
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    Sober Healthy August Anyone?

    Bill, your interaction here is a huge positive. The fact that you acknowledged when you stepped out is a massive win. Takes a big man to do that. Double down on that and poast your August here.
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    Sober Healthy August Anyone?

    Just found this. Love it. July saw me slipping off the tracks. Time to get this train headed back to Auschwitz. I commit to: No Fap - Pray everyday - Gym 6 days week - Sunday Cardio - Meal prep Sundays - 8 hours sleep erday - Drink 4L/day H20 - Make bed everyday - No social media save this...