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    ❗️BREAKING: Police identify supermarket shooter as Ahmad Al-Issa

    And the media drops the story in 3... 2...
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    Biden Defeated by Stairs

    AP FACT CHECK: President Biden’s ankles did NOT disintegrate today. Technically, they liquified
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    Biden Defeated by Stairs

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    Texas reverses all statewide Covid-19 related orders

    About time Abbott, you faggot cripple!
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    California: 15 killed near US-Mexico Border As Semi Hits SUV Packed with Dozens of People

    A whole clown car full of invaders. They’re not sending their best
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    UK Government Says People May Need Infinite, Regular Coronavirus Vaccinations and Revaccinations

    Me and the boys after receiving our 50th bi-weekly mRNA injection
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    Kim Divorcing Kanye: Billionaire Best-Selling Musician Not Good Enough for 40 Year Old Porn Slut

    I do feel bad for Ye, because he is an outspoken Christian. This dried out slut literally drove him mad
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    UK: Government Adviser Says People Won’t Comply With Coronavirus Restrictions After Vaccination

    The ruling class have zero incentive to lift these restrictions and every incentive in the world to keep them going for as long as possible. So of course they’re going to enforce these rules even after mass vaccination. Anyone who doesn’t get this by now is straight up braindead.
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    As Texas Freezes, Ted Cruz Takes a Plane to Margaritaville

    🎶Some people say that there’s a woman to blame🎶 And they’re right.
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    California Man Arrested by Feds for Sitting in Mike Pence’s Chair

    When you sit down to chill in the sanhedrin’s chair
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    Black Woman Uses Gorilla Glue in Her Hair, Now Suing the Company

    Going to make a maximum strength hairspray and call it Nigger Glue
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    The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election

    The cycle that constantly renews itself: 1. Deny it is happening 2. Mock those who say it’s happening 3. Jail those who say it’s happening 4. Allow the smoke to clear 5. Admit that it happened but it was a good thing, actually
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    Philosophytube comes out as Transgender

    Sad to hear of his impending suicide
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    Pennsylvania: Gigantic Tattooed Weirdo Lt. Governor Protests Removal of Anal and Weed Flags

    I recognize this guy. I’m pretty sure you have to defeat the Lt. Governor to get into Salazar’s castle