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    Boomer... And never forget folks, all politicians are actors and liars.
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    Yak butter tea

    I have heard of chicken milk once.
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    Selfish Chuck Norris has no empathy for the pain of Patriots

    What a boomer, isn't he?
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    How do you primarily read The Daily Stormer?

    I read them here, because I do like to read comments also. Often it's about people or subjects I have no clue about, so proper comment can enlighten me.
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    Goodbye Trump. QAnon is over. MAGA people angry at Q, GOP, Pence and women. MAGA people realize the Republic has fallen, calling for secession

    That's pretty old concept, isn't it?
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    Punk Rock is Fake And Gay

    Nope. It's this one: And nothing ever surpassed it.
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    Parler should move apk dl's here:
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    Was the video a deepfake?

    If you truly wish to be one with God, you don't need any middlemen. But they need you.
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    Was the video a deepfake?

    If Electric Universe theory is right, we are all interconnected anyway.
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    After permanent ban on Twitter, Sean Hannity says President Trump has joined Parler

    So he's gonna own liberals on Parler for change, great.
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    Liberal Women Are Already Calling For The Seed Of Patriot Warriors

    ...and you will most likely end up with hogs. Instead of buses, bring tractors.
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    Punk Rock is Fake And Gay

    Seen the Murphy's Law playing in my city in 1990 and they blew my brains out. So tight and skillfully played (for a HC), pretty neat. Considering USxHC there was enough East Coast and West Coast HC punk for me to discover and enjoy back in the day but not much in the middle. Except maybe for...
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    Never too late for Epstein.

    Never too late for Epstein.
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    E. Michael Jones “You have to respect your leaders” (on Roosh hour)

    It's called Deprechaun, cuz one gets instant depression seeing dindu in traditional Bavarian outfit.
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    Federal Appeals Court Rules DOJ Can Put First Wahman to Death Since 1953 After Lawyers Last Ditch COVID Appeal

    So unfuckable that it's great service to society that she's gonna be put down.