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    Father pressures son (25 WM) to get vaxxed. Son dies.

    Idk why you say that, he looks like an ideal American kid if you ask me, could use some jawline but other than that
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    Norway and USA preparing to go hot for upcoming war?

    Are you Norwegian? How are things there? From what I hear it sounds like Norway and Denmark are faring much better than most of Northern Europe, especially Sweden and England
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    Meanwhile, In the Chinese State News…

    Iceland is Irish famine refugees
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    Meanwhile, In the Chinese State News…

    Aren't there several quotes of Rothschild's and other powerful jews saying they seek to create wars between nations they have influence in, in order to kill off and weaken much of the populations so that they will be easier to coerce, and so they can war-profiteer at the same time? I don't...
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    Arkansas: Romanian Get in on the Anti-Asian Hysteria, Loot Buddhist Temple

    Nigga was you on a Viking River Cruise??
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    Sweden: Korean Antifa Academic Says Arabs are Racist to Him Because of Americans

    Maybe they're not our natural allies afterall
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    Thot Patroller Arrested for MURDER After Dirty Slut Dies After Resisting Patrolling

    Here's how I imagine these kids:
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    Ben Shapiro’s Sister Has Miscarriage After Shilling the Vaxx

    It's not her, it's some camwhore who looks like her and is also Jewish tho
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    I was wondering if you ever read that site, from the article where he criticizes and accuses you of all that it's clear that he doesn't read this site or the Stormer enough to know what it's all about, or else hed be a fan. He must just be listening to a lot of wignats on stormfront or...
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    Russia Celebrates Victory Day Without Faggot Masks

    There are not any ethnic Germans on that land tho,
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    Putin Looks to Make Equating Stalin, USSR to Hitler, Nazi Germany Illegal

    There have been many cases of a "single russian" coming out and saying something contradicting it, but like in the West, probably no mainstream people
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    Patriotic Alternative Second in Command Laura Towler And Husband Sam Raided by Police

    Oh not surprising then, he knew what he was getting himself into, good on him for doing it anyway tho