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    Stop Acting Like You’re Some Kind of Freak – Our Views are Completely Normal

    Sorry about that, king. I am 100% behind everything you say, but am spending too much time on to comment here regularly šŸ˜…
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    What She Misses Most Is The Diversity

    Same thing is happening in Virginia, almost a third of the license plates I see in Nova are either Cali or new york plates. A republican will never win here ever again.
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    Ron DeSantis Cracks, Shills the Vaxx

    We are definitely seeing seasonal illnesses in the DC metro area, some kind of respiratory gunk flowing through. I figure it's because people are out travelling again, because it's definitely highly unusual for this time of year.
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    You Know What Would Make This Shark Video Game Better? A Sassy, Fat Black Female Shark-Hunter

    The italians were always the dumb patsies that thought they were in charge, once you realize who was managing all of their money in the background.
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    Why can’t anyone afford property? Blame central banks

    The chutzpah of these fucking kikes shoveling money into their cousins' pockets straight from the money printers like this. If we had anything resembling a functioning country at this point, there would have been gallows.
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    Re: the china posts, please keep in mind that GETTR is run by Bannon's weird falun gong billionaire. None of the anti-CCP stuff there is organic, it's all shilled by him and his team.
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    "Version 2 Onion Sites will be deprecated soon"

    @qanon will migrate us over, I'm sure. Really sucks that the v3 addresses are just public keys, nowhere near as memorable as 'dstormer...' or 'facebookwwwi.onion'.
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    What about Most of right-wing anime twitter seems to have migrated there, it's pretty cozy so far. @qanon any thoughts on how well Graf as done building that?
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    Surfside tower collapse: 'Zero' hope of finding survivors

    Standing portion was moving enough to be detected by the lasers they had trained on it, and they were concerned it was going to fall on the workers searching the rubble (particularly with the hurricane approaching).
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    Denial of Evolution Is a Form of White Supremacy

    And now we see them essentially admitting what we all knew already: "White supremacy" truly is only a stilted codeword meaning "Christian believer."
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    Surfside tower collapse: 'Zero' hope of finding survivors

    I bet it is going to come out eventually that most of the units in this building were rented out, and the owners lived in a nearby building that was flawlessly maintained. Why pay twice for something you only use in one place, right? Other than the oldsters that had been there forever, I reckon.
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    Surfside tower collapse: 'Zero' hope of finding survivors

    Knew there would be no survivors on the first day, that type of building collapse doesn't tend to leave any room for survival between the rubble.
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    NI Jewish community faces challenges over protocol

    Absolutely mind boggling coming from a community that is whining exclusively about their own dietary restrictions, and certainly less than 2% of the overall population of northern Ireland. I really am at a loss to explain why ANY country would benefit from having these shiftless whiners within...
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    Faith Groups Launch New Curriculum in Bid to Address Surge in Christian Nationalism

    The question will be, as it always is: How many of these "christian" faith groups are actually run by Jews?
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    Watch: Biden Goes to Florida, Celebrates “Good” Side of Miami Building Collapse

    It's pretty well documented somewhere that she was trying to suicide herself and her sons due to Joe's infidelity. The family of the driver they blamed the accident on went hardcore about that if I remember correctly