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    DS down?

    So glad I bookmarked the onion address. It's an honor to shitpost with such great company as you guys are - Keep up the great work, Master Chief!
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    Andrew Anglin on Beardson Beardly: Russia! Swatted! Sluts!

    Starting to watch this now, been a fan of Beardly almost as long as I've been a fan of yours, Master Chief. Miss hanging out with all y'all on The Blue Bird but we've got cooler places now. Update - Good heavens it's been this long since I've logged in and said anything? I totally deserve...
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    If You’re Hearing This Message: You are the Resistance

    Figured these scheming rootless types finally got ya. Been following along with your articles here on the forum, very glad it's still alive. Keep up the great work, brother!
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    Russia Blocks Tor

    I'll helpfully point out that it actually is almost impossible to load Tor from behind the Great Firewall, China has done an excellent job of blocking Tor directly from within their country - you have to go through some other VPN service to get to it, which once you've done kind of negates the...
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    Reuters Jews Post Unhinged 4,000 Word Screed Demanding Further Censorship of The Gateway Pundit

    They were saving the material to shut the site down in the run up to the 2022 midterms.
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    Former Richard Spencer ally Cameron Padgett dead

    That reminds me that I loaned him money a while back, not that I have expected to see it again for a long while now. RIP, I hope you died in the knowledge of Christ, Cameron.
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    Spineless Faggots and Cowards: Only 6% of Marines are Keeping Their Blood Pure

    I've not seen this! Any idea where it can be found??
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    Barbados Sets Up Virtual Embassy in Virtual World

    I think this is for money laundering rather than anything else. Keep in mind Barbados is in the Caribbean and used to be a hotbed of piracy. The modern country doesn't acknowledge any other nation's tax treaties either, if I remember correctly.
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    Sin As Virtue: Hasidism and the case of Rabbi Eliezer Berland

    Now where have I seen that face on the left before.... 🤔
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    Even After Getting Fired, Emilio Estevez Refuses to Address Vax Publicly

    uhh... Martin's a great actor but he's definitely not someone I've ever considered to be on "our" side. His sons are kinda cool, at least.
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    Excess Deaths Point to Depopulation Agenda

    What comes on the terminal end of a baby boom? Just curious.
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    Oyyy veeeyyy!!! 1 in 4 American Jews have been subject to antisemitism over the last year

    What percent of whites have been discriminated against due to the color of their skin, I wonder?
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    Local News Are Threatening Mainstream Media’s Coronavirus Narrative, Mainstream Media Says

    They aren't going after local news, all of the local stations are already owned by the same Jews that own everything else. I'm not sure if it's a law or just an FCC rule, but what this is is them trying to overturn the Public Interest rule, which basically forces the stations to give equal time...
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    âť“Virginia Governor Election being called “too close to call” with Youngkin 54%/McAuliffe 45%, 74% precincts reporting, WTF?

    It's the exact same play they made against trump, I don't know how anyone is surprised about this.
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    If Glenn Youngkin Doesn’t Win, It’s Obvious Fraud Again (Which is Why He Might Win)

    I do not expect the democrats to lose, the republicans in Virginia are used to being a fake opposition party. Fairfax Absentee districts will decide the state, and that's where they will ctrl-p the heaviest.