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  1. #FreePentland: White Man is Charged with Some Crime After Good Boy Refuses to Leave His Front Yard!

    edit: nevermind, this is not the right avenue to bring this up
  2. Give Our National Parks Back To the Injuns - The Atlantic "Sterilize your children and Kill yourself, white goy"
  3. Zoomers, I need help with Bitcoin

    Just read the thread. So the consensus seems at this point may as well register on a basic KYC compliant big exchange, submit and give them your iris scan, fingerprints, DNA sample and pound of flesh, and then just exchange whatever coin to monero for spending/donating to things on which you...
  4. #FreePentland: White Man is Charged with Some Crime After Good Boy Refuses to Leave His Front Yard!

    So: white women or Jews targeted a random guy on Twitter haha You really should set up some benign template alternate site that your articles get automatically copy-pasted into so we can spread these articles to normies. You're definitely doing the best coverage on stuff...
  5. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Alright, I'm a poster who loves to troll and be a shithead for fun, but I always kept it down on here because this is your home, you built this place, I'm for the cause, and I'm tired of all the infighting (and believe me, it's very hard to resist partaking in infighting when it comes to Nick...
  6. Ryzen is an amazing advancement for AMD

    Calm down haggot, good lord. Caring this much is way gayer than anything he does (which, reviewing games in general at all is very gay)
  7. Ryzen is an amazing advancement for AMD

    nigga how are you so fucking old? I quit gaming when I still had a PC up to speed and online friends to play with cause that shit felt so empty. Maybe a decade is what it'll take to rekindle the interest anyway check out American Krogan's video about RDR2 since you mention it: not sure...
  8. Army aggressively working to eliminate white people, says chief diversity nigger

    kike organized army to terrorize and disable whites, simple as bolshevisums
  9. Andrew Anglin AMA

    I hate these people. Question: did you know the most heinous slings and arrows against your character, background, family, history, and dignity would come almost exclusively from this group of people? Was it a surprise that you learned along the way, or did you know it? Because after being...
  10. The US is losing soft power, Hollywood is dying

    idk if this has been posted but it warrants it. I haven't heard of any of these movies, but it's fucking hilarious if you google any one of them. They're exactly what you expect “The Father” “Judas and the Black Messiah” “Mank” “Minari” “Nomadland” “Promising Young Woman” “Sound of...
  11. Prosecuted for Memes: Donate to Ricky Vaughn Freedom Fund!

    Thanks for doing this. I don't think many normal people out of our sphere either know about or could be bothered to give a shit about this guy even if informed so it's up to us to. one of us, one of us I saw this screenshot I took recently by randomly browsing a file folder. Reading it...
  12. Bitchute blocking holocaust denial videos in some countries

    >david cole Not directly related but I feel like shilling this memorable article of his from last year: