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    Biden Creates Cabinet Position for SCIENCE! Advisor SCIENCE! MF The guy he appointed is a geneticist, I’m sure that’s a coincidence and all that.
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    Pelosi says rioters chose their 'whiteness' over democracy

    Of course this admission that democracy is anti-white will fly under the radar.
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    Mexican president offers to vaccinate unlawful migrants in U.S.
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    We cannot make it without science': Greta Thunberg says climate experts are being ignored Ok I had some fun with this one.
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    Black Lives Matter changed my life, and my interracial marriage, for the better
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    Nashville bombing suspect possibly interested in various conspiracy theories: Sources I know there are threads up about this, but this is worth it for just the title alone. “Possibly interested in” “conspiracy theories.” We know because...
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    Cyberpunk 2077 is Garbage

    I just made a Reflex knife wielding maniac. The melee combat is less complex than a modern Bethesda game. Literally just spam the trigger and toss grenades. I think I will just hop on from time to time to slash a few people and probably never finish or come close to finishing the game. The...
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    Are the Dangers of Heterosexual STDs Massively Exaggerated to Prevent White Reproduction?

    I appreciate you including that very fine picture of me at the top of the article. Here are some other very fine pictures of me:
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    Watch the Latest Episode of “Meet the Goyim” Streaming Free Online!

    I don’t know, this article is definitely on the podium, but could it really top that article from a few months ago (can’t find it unfortunately) about the virtues of marrying a 30-something woman or whatever. It was really long and well thought out...
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    Magnus Carlsen: ‘Chess has not been very kind to women over the years’ What a faggot. Article continues pointlessly as most Guardian articles do...
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    How Taco Bell Turned Its Back on Indian Americans Read the article if you want, but the title alone was worth the post in my opinion.
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    Cyberpunk 2077 General Delayed yet again. Apparently due to the challenge of shipping it on so many consoles and because of the hoax virus and all that.
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    Las Vegas Passenger Hanging Out of Van Pushes Over and Kills Bicyclist Before Falling Out of Car and Dying I don’t know about you, dear reader, but I for one don’t want to live in a country where random Aztecs don’t ride around hanging out of minivans trying...
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    2 Woman Team Killed in Navy Training Crash

    I placed it early in the article, but you might have read right past it because it’s what the original should have stated.
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    Hindu Fiend Kamala Emulates Confused Old Man, Doesn’t Know Where She Is