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    Trump hints at ‘payback’ coming following FBI raid

    Oh, is he going to release the Kraken?
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    Las Vegas: Jew Slumlord Makes Section 8 Tenant Sign Sex Contract to Get Rental

    I mean... smarmy Jew confirmed
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    Body Cams Needed....for Hospitals

    Look up "point of care testing" and you'll see what may be available to you with little instrumentation. It will likely get quite expensive. Unless this is going to become your hobby, it's probably best to find some doctor who will just order whatever tests you want. My mother has found such a...
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    "After years of dating, Julie, 54, swears she's found the perfect formula... but would any man pass the test?"

    By this age, most people are pretty set in their ways. It's hard to disrupt your life to accommodate someone else, and they would have to be pretty impressive in order to do so. Though I cannot agree she is "attractive", at least she is upfront and not wasting anyone's time. I thinks she pretty...
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    Science: Polio Spreading in New York, London, and Jerusalem for the First Time in Decades

    There are benefits for men to donate blood, mostly having to do with getting rid of some iron, which many have too much of and can be a pro-oxidant. However, don't bother with trying to preserve your blood, it's basically useless.
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    The ‘Women-Are-Wonderful’ Effect

    I read the article you posted, which I thought was quite good. My signature thought/expression is "what's your point?", so I definitely saw myself in there.
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    The ‘Women-Are-Wonderful’ Effect

    I am INTJ, so definitely on the same track.
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    Body Cams Needed....for Hospitals

    Good for you. I have often thought of doing this myself, and I probably will at some point - just a very basic lab. I don't have the space or money for it at the moment
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    Marriage in a Normal, Homogenous Society

    IDK man, seems more fun to just hire out the cleaning and cooking, and then spend the days keeping fit, getting beauty treatments and buying sexy clothes, so you can have all the sex you want. But I guess whatever works for them...
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    Georgia: “Gang of Female Shoplifters” Steal Thousands of Dollars Worth of Men’s Underwear

    I guess we should be grateful they were wearing them, although I do note these negresses at least were young and skinny, so at least we were spared the sight of sweating mounds of dark flesh that can hardly be contained by the mere slips of lycra condemned to do that most strenuous job. Still...
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    Anyone Else Noticed This?

    Amen. (and a-women :ROFLMAO:)
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    ‘The woman’s to-do list is relentless’: how to achieve an equal split of household chores

    No they don't. They want the man to make enough money to support them so they can stay home and take care of the house, or at very least to work part time. Sadly these days, most households require the woman to also work full time. It is patently unfair for both spouses to put in 40 hours a...
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    Tips on raising a girl?

    Absolutely, definitely not. No vaccines of any kind. There's so much information out there now about the harms of vaccination, that no one with two brain cells to rub together and a reasonably open mind has any excuse for not knowing. Start with, look up Del Bigtree on non...
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    Germany Starts Reconnecting Coal Power Plants to Electricity Grid

    This is what actually impresses me. I don't think this would be the case in any other country. They may say the "right thing", but wiser heads clearly prevailed.
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    5th young doctor from Toronto to die suddenly in past 2 weeks: 4 other young M.D.s died after 4th Covid vax mandate

    Play stupid games, be surprised when you get stupid outcomes. Oh well, still patiently waiting for all the vaxed to die...