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    Has communism infiltrated the church?

    Yeah, that line is abused quite a bit. But to be fair, the levantine usury merchants that plague us have shown time and time again that they will warp and corrupt language as needed to suit their agenda. No matter what was said or meant at the time, they'll tirelessly work around it.
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    Great move. Paul the Apostle advised men to remove unrepentant sinners from the ecclesia, else the community as a whole would suffer. Congrats to all purge survivors. U da real mvps.
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    So yesterday I tested positive for Coronavirus...

    The empty hospitals thing is definitely part of the racket. I've got family that works in the nearest half dozen major hospitals, and the arrangement is like so: Total patient count is way down. Most patients admitted are tested for covid. The covid positives get transferred to a single...
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    It’s Over: California Finally Does Random Coronavirus Antibodies Testing, Infection Rate 50 Times What They Claimed

    I don't disagree that the covid scare is a hoax, but if this is the Stanford study I think it is, it's complete trash. The sample size was small, it wasn't even remotely random, and the test kits have a false positive rate higher than the [alleged] incidence rate! Like, the margin of error is...
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    There is No Such Thing as a “Corona Denier”

    I will certainly admit: I was on the corona-devastation side of the aisle. Early on (mid-January), the few numbers we had esp. from China suggested something like a 12-15% complication rate and an infectivity comparable to measles. To make matters worse, the media treated it as a nothingburger...
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    Prepare for War with China, Faggots

    DOOM DOOOOOOOM Man, 2020 has been a wild ride so far. And we're not even half way done!