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    Clint Eastwood back in the saddle at 91 for 'Cry Macho'

    Watch Cry Macho last night. Wasn't very good at all. Really the production value was poor. Very strange that it had good cinematography but played out like one of those 90s "made for tv" movies.
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    Post Your Reading Suggestions

    Maybe I have it backwards with Blackwood's quote with Lovecraft's. Either way it's weird that you brought up Onions just a couple of days after I found out about him. I think I was looking for a biography on Blackwood and came across Onions. Recently I listened to The Lure of Atlantis by...
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    Post Your Reading Suggestions

    Apparently Lovecraft really liked him and Blackwood was more or less indifferent.
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    Post Your Reading Suggestions

    Funny, just watched something on Oliver Onions a few days ago, never heard of him until then. Can't remember the ghost story he's known for. Thanks for the reminder to look into Onions
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    Making Yandex the Default Search in Brave

    Maybe also it's time for a new GU banner.
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    Andrew Yang no longer a Democrat, will launch third party

    Now he's just fucked. I made some quality memes and graphics for this guy, edgy ones too. There were a few of us, including the talented PantherDen. He could of rode it out, hanging on to his Twitter account as long as he could. Eventually he would have been banned for not towing the line...
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    This Economy Can Only Crash Now (No Survivors)

    I'm thinking they'll be able to hold the cities for quite some time and slack off on the small communities away from the interstate system. That's until we all get dusted by nanogoblins.
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    I Still Can't Understand Gravity's Rainbow

    Living in the Midwest in the early 2000s, there was always that one guy who lugged around a copy of Infinite Jest.
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    I only trust like 5 of you to not be psychos irl.
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    Basically anyone who defends ionwhite in this thread is a fed. Take a look at the user accounts, not surprising at all.