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    I'm sure Evola is a hot topic at your local Cracker Barrel.
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    That Steuben article on Counter Currents has gotten some legs with the hipster right and scene kids. Kinda sad really that a fair share of them are anti-Fuentes. In those circles you'll find some of the best visual artist and musicians on the right.
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    Markets and crypto jumped off a cliff. Why?

    Degen is doing well, I think I have some BNB around somewhere. Also some of the coins related to the Terra ecosystem are doing well, Anchor and Hawk
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    Musk Says Economy Dead, Blames Biden, Praises Trump

    "We gonna do what they say can't be done"
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    Musk Says Economy Dead, Blames Biden, Praises Trump

    Has anyone been watching the livestream on Tesla's YouTube channel? It's been on repeat chopped up at different starting points, weird. It's Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey, some goofy woman and a host. The topic is mostly about bitcoin/energy/economy. Kinda interesting. Musk claims btc will hit...
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    Robert Eggers: Crypto-Based or Subversive Entryist?

    In this interview for the Lighthouse release you might find some insight on the question. Eggers says he's very interested in how our collective conscience brought the stories from the old world to the new world. This interview and one like it released around the same time had the...
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    Markets and crypto jumped off a cliff. Why?

    Tron(TRX), which is oddly doing pretty well through the downturn released their stablecoin, USDD. Near Protocol did the same not that long ago. Near is taking a shit and maybe the Tron stablecoin release hype bump countered the selloffs. Maybe these coins are done for too?
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    in jest,
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    Has anyone made a Twitter since the Elon thing?

    I'm still banned/,suspended.
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    Nick and Jayden
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    After all of this time, all of this..shit, people still don't get it. We went through this same scenario a few years ago when the knives were out for Anglin. Just like now, the scummy streamers whipped the retards into a sped frenzy. I could only imagine the frustration and disgust seeing...
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    That's what I was thinking too.
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    Have you ever seen a UFO?

    About 4-5 years ago driving down the roads around where I lived, I saw a ufo. It was a bright sunny day with clouds high in the sky. I saw a glint of light way up there. At first I didn't really pay attention to it thinking it was a commercial passenger jet and I was seeing the shiny...
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    Jokes and memes aside, in an environment where everyone is a "King" then it could get pretty fuzzy on who really is the King. I've always appreciated Jayden's arrogance on what is or isn't optical. It kept the AF core in line with the age appropriate culture. Even more so the various media of...
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    Well that's embarrassing for me, which one is Nick's account? Either way, a cult of personality is still a required in this stage of things, even on That's just my opinion and my opinion doesn't mean much or, if anything at all. A person can only have so many friends, and during...