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    Jews Roll Deep on Palestine, Launch Rockets at Persecuted Land Theft Victims, Kill Kids

    These Kikes are insufferable. I hope Tucker says something about this. Bring up the ADL again, harp on this shit.
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    The Pressure Cooker: ‘This will not end well’

    Things are going to get bad this summer, I went to a hardware store, it was $9 for 2x4! What was is a year ago? $2? If that type of inflation starts to spread to food, gas, and other necessities things are going go to Hell real quick. Or will they? I have a hunch this whole vaccine rollout...
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    CIA is now recruiting to fight the patriarchy

    That was really crynge. These intelligence organizations are going to be laughing stock in a few years as they hire more diversity and get worse at pulling off psyops and intel operations. I feel like anything competent being done now is by the Mossad, CIA is probably a joke. I wonder if...
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    Chauvin Guilty of Everything as Yet Another Blackie Killed by Racist Cops

    I am little uneasy about what Anglin keeps alluding to with this "white boy summer." THE BLACKPILL TRAIN NEVER ENDS. GIVE ME MORE BLACKPILLS. NIGGERPILLS.
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    🚨Jury reaches verdict in Chauvin trial: CHAUVIN FOUND GUILTY ON ALL 3 COUNTS

    Not surprised the least bit. My trust in the jewdicial system evaporated when they threw the book at Fields for murder when the fat bitch died of a heart attack. That case was more open and shut then this one and he is spending the rest of his life rotting away in jail for his political views...
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    #FreePentland: White Man is Charged with Some Crime After Good Boy Refuses to Leave His Front Yard!

    This is pretty fucked. I guess the lesson to take away is maybe get a guard dog like a German Shepherd. If he had one barking at the front door or through a window I bett that nigger would have had second thoughts. Then release it on them if he didn't move. >Insert pic of rhodesian...
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    Half of LA is Boarded Up and Out of Business

    We keep hearing about NYC and San Fransisco emptying out because of COVID, but haven't heard much about LA. I knew there were a lot of homeless people and tent cities, but holy cow. In the video like half of metro LA is boarded up and empty, isn't this where all the rich celebrities and kikes...
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    The Cities Might not be the Worst Place to be

    There are only a few cities that you might be ok in. Most cities in America are nigger shitholes, they include: -NYC -Philadelphia -Chicago -Detroit -Baltimore -Cleveland -Minneapolis -New Orleans -Memphis -Atlanta -Miami -St Louis -Milwaukee -Louisville -Houston If EBT went down in these...
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    Stupid shit liberals have an obsession with.

    I do this because I have tinitus, however only by myself otherwise I use captions.
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    Stupid shit liberals have an obsession with.

    Yeah more specifically soulless post modern architecture that just involves glass and steel beams or Frank O'Gehry nasty aluminum shit. -Macbooks -Granola Bars -grafiti -kayaking (recent development in urban areas) -Uber Eats/Door Dash -wearing glasses, makes them feel smarter -ruining other...
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    Activision-Blizzard lays off 190, 2% of work force, kike CEO gets $200 Million stock award bonus

    Sorry goy but we'll no longer be needing you services, here is a $200 gift card for our products now go collect unemployment. Meanwhile the CEO (((Bobby Kotick))) gets a $200 million stock award bonus because the shares have performed well during Covid. Major video game developers are so kiked...
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    Liberal, gay, Wisconsin children’s court judge arrested on child pornography charges

    They're getting more blatant about it and it's only a matter of time before yeah they start saying "pedo" is as bad as "nigger." It's disgusting.
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    Oppressed POC Shoots White Cop in the Head When Caught Shoplifting T-Shirts at JC Penny’s

    I don't have any sympathy for any of these cops getting killed by niggers. Reading the article I sort of chuckled, what a clownworld, a cop getting shot in the head trying to stop some nigger from shoplifting shirts at a JC Penney. It's so ridiculous and over the top that you have to laugh at...
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    Texas Coca-Cola Plant to close

    Yeah and they do all the distribution. That's been their only winning decision in the last 10 years though.