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    Low Effort Trash Thread

    Lol nice!
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    Low Effort Trash Thread

    Kind of doing my part. Maybe
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    Gilbert Gottfried, standup comic and actor, dies at 67

    USA, up all night!! In hell🔥🔥
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    Memetic Monday: post memes here

    I apologize for being under a rock, but what do all the Z’s mean that i keep seeing?
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    Lol what a fucking pussy. He’s listing all the best features🤣
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    Madeleine Albright Dead

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    Low Effort Trash Thread

    Assholes! You were just trying to have a good time😡
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    Nintendo Aim to Have More Women in Managerial Roles for Diversity

    What a great post! I had almost forgotten what a great game Contra 3 was. The badass white guy hero doesn’t just ride in a helicopter, he hangs on to a big ass missile underneath it! They damn sure don’t make them like that anymore.
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    Boomer-Jew Comedian, "Full House" Star, Bob Sagat Dead Aged 65

    Burn in hell, filthy kike🔥🔥
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    How many self hating blacks are really on the forum?

    I wanted to write in vote: Kang! But I realized that I’m not a self hating nigga, just a stupid one
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    Amy Schneider, JEOPARDY hottie, smash or pass?

    Here, since no one else has posted it yet…
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    They’re Going All the Way

    Go with both!
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    Seething midget Peter Dinklage Says ‘Game Of Thrones’ Upset Fans Because They Wanted a Happy Ending for the ‘Pretty White People’

    Wasn’t he the mean book writer that beats the shit out of Will Ferrell in Elf?
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    Emergency dealing with your fam thread

    I’m sorry bro, hang in there. And thank you for the well wishes. And i’d like to take a sec to thank you for all you do on here. The Lesser Stormers like me are always very grateful.
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    Emergency dealing with your fam thread

    Well i had been taking ivermectin, antibiotics, and steroids at home. I was on my last day of the ivermectin last friday and then i just got worse. I was as bad off as when i first got sick. My cousin took me to the hospital. I was mainly treated with oxygen, which helped. I ended up with a...