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    What makes Christianity special and why it's not "like all other religions"

    Hey RedPill, About 18 months ago you authored a master piece on how to outsmart Jews/overcome Judaism. Do you have a link to the completed work? thanks!!! 🙏🏻
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    Is this forum becoming a Christian Club?

    Why is there a “failed loser” designation under my forum name? Is it because I haven’t participated in months?
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    This is the Symbol of Forbidden Existence (SFE)

    Whole Lotta PilPul and JewGib going on here. The Swastika repels demons, although not nearly as effectively as the Christian Cross. Deeply embrace whatever the Jews deeply reject: a solid heuristic 👍🏻
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    Good RTS Strategy Games Recommendations?

    You will LOVE XCOM 2
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    Parents’ agony as teen, 17, killed herself ‘because coronavirus lockdown felt like 300 years’

    Yes- absolutely. Indeed. The Jews are in a frenzy of murder because their own Kabbala has revealed to them their imminent destruction and sudden death. Thinking they can outsmart God and outpace death, they resort to the wholesale extermination of all the Goyim until the world is “safe for Jews”...
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    Happy Holocaust Remembrance Day

    Do they always do this the day after Hitler’s birthday?
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    Fish Lips-Hook Nose-Impulse to Subjugate: Yup- Bill Gates is a Biological Jew

    If Jews like Bill Gates are permitted to exist, then alll good and honest people of Earth must daily concern themselves with how to avoid being genocided by filthy, lying rats which gets in the way of fulfilling their natural insinct to build an Aryan (read: Heavenly) Paradiso on Earth- the...
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    Has God finally intervened?

    It is time for God to demonstrate to the world his disdain for these false pretenders, to remove the masque of these great deceivers, to expose the hand of these outrageous falsifiers of the historical record- OF THESE CHILDREN OF THE DEVIL. God does not have two “wives”. His bride is His...
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    Happy Birthday to Hitler! May His Ideas Prevail and His Vision be Realized!

    “At the Reichstag elections, the growing number of Marxist votes indicated that the internal breakdown and political collapse were then rapidly approaching. All the victories of the so-called bourgeois parties were worthless-not only because they couldn’t prevent the numerical increase in the...
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    Happy Birthday to Hitler! May His Ideas Prevail and His Vision be Realized!

    Most unexpectly, upon reading Hitler in his own words, I had a mysterious sense that I was not hearing the words of a mere man, but more than a man: A Prophet. How uncannily prescient his warnings, how shockingly accurate his predictions, how accurate and expert his piercing analysis of the...
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    Happy Birthday to Hitler! May His Ideas Prevail and His Vision be Realized!

    “When Zionists try to make the rest of the world believe that the new national consciousness of the Jews will be satisfied by the establishment of a Palestinian state, the Jews thereby cleverly dupe the simple minded goyim. They haven’t the slightest intention of building up a Jewish State in...
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    Happy Birthday to Hitler! May His Ideas Prevail and His Vision be Realized!

    Happy Hitler Everybody! What a year! To celebrate the Fuhrer’s b-day the very day after Orthodox Easter. Christ is Risen! Logos is Rising! May Hitler’s ideas rise from the grave of history and may all the world know that Hitler was right about the Jews! You don’t have to be a Neo-Nazi to love...
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    The ADL Wants to Fight ‘Hate and Harassment’ in Video Games

    Here is the Real M.A.T.H. -> We are “ More Antisemitic Than Hitler”
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    I am absolutely terrified of dying.

    Get with Christ and stop being such a pussy.
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    Hey Guys! Aktion T-4- What Do You Think? Did The Anti-Animal Cruelty Fuhrer Commission Murder of the Sick Or Is It Just More Jew Atrocity Propaganda?

    “Despite all measures taken to keep the operation secret, the murders of the sick caused considerable alarm among the population. After a public protest sermon delivered by the Bishop of Münster, Graf van Galen, Hitler decreed the cessation of the gassings of “Aktion T4” on August 24, 1941...